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Speaking Engagements

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Each of Mark Leader’s presentations is fully customized to your audience. Here are just some of the most popular topics his clients request:

Social Capital: The New Currency of the 21st Century

Building your business in the 21st century takes time and energy. In this seminar, Mark teaches how to use social networking to generate a steady stream of prospects. Learn 14 strategies to build inventory and the specific techniques you’ll need to protect and increase your commissions. Discover the most powerful ways to generate at least one listing per week. It’s a guaranteed formula for success!

Seven Most Effective Ways to Generate Listings Today

How do you generate a steady stream of prospects? Mark will focus on the seven most effective ways to make your list grow, increase your commissions and protect them too! Mark also shares some of the most proven techniques to build your inventory and generate one listing per week. A must do seminar that will equip you with the tools to drive real results!.

Learn, List and Lead

Learn how to double your income in any market! This exciting one day event will give you some of the most powerful and proven techniques for today’s changing market. Understand how to use social networking to increase your income. Plus, learn the 14 ways to build inventory. A very intense and comprehensive seminar that is guaranteed to help you succeed.

How to Thrive, Not Just Survive

How to survive and thrive in the real estate industry during challenging times. The real estate market is in constant change and we must keep up with it. In this dynamic, fun, and thought provoking seminar Mark will not only show your sales team what is necessary to survive but a proven process to grow their business in any market.

Listings – Your Way to the Top

List more property – properly priced. The only two reasons a house does not sell is, it is either not on the market or it is overpriced. During this seminar Mark will train your sales team how to list more properties but make sure they are priced right and a full commission plus some. If you want to laugh and learn you must make this a must attend seminar.

Good to Great

What don’t top producers want you to know? Full service real estate has been around now for over 100 years. There are many well guarded secrets that only a few possess and they guard that wisdom closely. In this seminar Mark will share with your sales team these well guarded secrets and give them a proven step by step process on how to use these secrets to achieve outstanding success.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Back To Basics

Want to be successful? Want to be a six figure income earner? Open minded enough to challenge yourself with new ideas and concepts that will take you there? Then get on board as Mark leader, North America’s sales trainer of choice shows you what you must do on a daily basis to be successful. In this seminar Mark will equip you with the dialogue and the how to, to turn your dreams into a reality.

North America’s Greatest Commission Techniques

There are two types of sales people, those that make top dollar and those that don’t. In the commission business your standard of living is in direct relationship to value delivered, and your ability to not only demonstrate your value but justify it. Let North America’s Top Sales Trainer, train your sales associates on how to handle the commission objection and turn negative into positive, resulting in increased commission and profits.

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Speaking Engagements

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What people say about Mark Leader
and his training and coaching

Mark has a unique ability to interact and go down on the floor. He makes the agents feel important and they really come to life. He doesn’t lecture, he builds rapport.

Phil Clodgo

Mark has a unique ability to interact and go down on the floor. He makes the agents feel important and they really come to life. He doesn’t lecture, he builds rapport.

Sharon Posius

Mark inspires others to achieve and exceed their goals and ambitions. I would recommend his Leaders Choice Programs to any Brokerage for making a difference in Associates careers.

Chip Gardner


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