Our Clients

Our Clients

Mark has now trained 91% of the top real estate companies.

A true partnership is a two-way street — ideas and information flow openly and regularly, based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect for one another’s expertise — and our clients embrace this philosophy. The best and most productive relationships are synergistic and goal-oriented, and a long-term relationship has the value add of deep-rooted industry and company knowledge and relationships. Our client list speaks for itself.

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Hear From Our Clients

Hear From Our Clients

Each of Mark Leader’s presentations is fully customized to your audience. Here are just some of the
testimonials given by our clients.

Harold Crye

Mark Leader has done the Leader’s Choice Program for Crye-Leike in the Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Little Rock markets. The program has been very well received in all markets. The agents were ALL very enthusiastic about the training they received. One seasoned agent stated she got more out of the Leader’s Choice Program than she got out of a more expensive, nationally known coaching program.

President, Crye-Leike, REALTORS

Mike Pappas

We have graduated over 550 associates during two nine week Leader’s Choice programs and with Mark’s leadership abilities and training skills, these associates have increased their production by more than 250%. During each of the two programs, the associates produced more than 1200 listings and more than 1000 sales.
All that’s left to be said is… this program works!

President, The Keyes Company

Joe Valenti

I would highly recommend Mark Leader’s three day Listing Boot Camp. With the shortage of inventory in our market, our agents found the program to be informative, current and helpful in establishing a focus on listings.

President/CEO, CBS Home

Phil Clodgo

Mark has a unique ability to interact and go down on the floor. He makes the agents feel important and they really come to life. He doesn’t lecture, he builds rapport.

V.P. Director of Training, The Keyes Company

Kathy McCarty

Mark makes sure that what he is teaching is completely aligned with our company values and culture.

Director of Career Development, ReeceNichols, a Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate

Sharon Posius

For anyone who feels their real estate career needs a thousand watt power boost!

Coldwell Banker, The Real Estate Centre, Barrie, ON

Jon Coile

Mark treats agents like adults, not students, and helps them refine their own approach so it works for their personality. He was calling people long after the course was over, to see how they were doing and offer additional advice.

President & CEO, Champion Realty, Inc

Ellie Vratanina

Thank you Mark for taking the time to bring your incredible Listing Boot Camp program to Traverse City. I truly enjoyed the 3 days and learned a lot via your knowledge and generosity…and humour. Worth every penny!

Realtor, Real Estate One

Rhys Wyn Trenhaile

I will never forget the day Mark Leader came to Windsor to do a free seminar; I had a small, fledgling real estate team of 3 agents total, and thought we were pretty darn good agents. We now have a team of 10 agents, 3 staff, and need to hire 6 more agents this year to keep up with the lead generation our systems produce. I can’t thank Mark enough for where I am today career wise, and just as importantly where I am going.

Sales Representative Manor Windsor Realty Ltd.

Chip Gardner

As a result of Mark’s sincere and effective training, our Associates have increased sales skills, productivity, and enthusiasm! Or as I like to say, “Boom…there goes the dynamite!” We are very pleased with the results; we are looking forward to bringing Mark back soon!

Vice President of Special Initiatives, Gardner Realtors

Excellent course! This was my first one and I’ll definitely be back for more continual learning. Mark broke down the material to become easily understandable and relatable.

Melissa K

Great learning Mark! Even us “Lifers” are getting refreshed and rejuvenated to get busy!! Thank you to Mark for being here and for Audrey and Clark for giving us this opportunity!

Liz M

Excellent refresher for this seasoned agent. We are back in a “back to the basics” market and this series was just what I needed.

Missi H

Thoroughly enjoyed! Would do it again!

Laura H

Leaders Choice, what a class. I have no doubt that I will be apply and using the tools gained from this course for the whole of my career. As a new agent I feel that this class will be a huge tool in my real estate career. I know that as I continue to build up in the business, the foundation gained here will attest to the great lessons learned in Leaders Choice.

I did not get the amount of sales I wanted in this course, but winter can be a hard season in real estate. Although my numbers did not hit the moon I know that they will. I am armed for the things I have yet to face, and better armed for the things I have faced and failed at.

Watch out real estate world, this letter was written at my start, my bottom. As the years come I will be a name in this business and much will be accounted to the knowledge I gained while in Leaders Choice.

James Albright II,
Digital Realtor Coldwell Banker AJS Schmidt

I am a 25 year veteran of the real estate industry. In 2008 facing some health issues and the Michigan Economy I decided to close my brokerage and joined the professionals at Coldwell Banker Mt Pleasant Realty. During this time I slipped into a slump in my personal production. During the bad times in this business it seems that bad habits grow rapidly so a turn around is required.

The Leader’s Choice program has refreshed my memory of many proven tools that I have used in the past and given me some new ideas for enhancing my market share and rebuilding the volume of business that I previously enjoyed.

The Leader’s Choice Program is all about doing the right stuff at the right time over and over until you succeed, It’s about time management, accountability tracking and focusing on high income producing activities and mostly it’s about attitude.

Speaking frankly, if you don’t believe in yourself how are you going to get others to believe in you or to entrust you with a large portion of their personal wealth. This program has given me the faith to carry on knowing that I have been and still am a knowledgeable professional.

Wayne Terpening
Coldwell Banker Mt. Pleasant

Mark Leader’s training program offers something for all levels of real estate experience from beginners to seasoned agents.

If you are a beginner, it helps you learn dialogues and offers the opportunity to practice same.

For experienced agents it helps them refocus on what is important in real estate and improves their time management.

I have enjoyed the program and have added some items to my listing presentation. The objection handling dialogues will continue to help me in the future.

I would recommend this class to anyone who is planning for a successful career in real estate. Lots of people try real estate but never make the commitment necessary to become a top producer. If they are willing to commit to the Mark Leader training program, they will succeed.

Susan M.Foster,
Associate Broker Coldwell Banker Professionals

Thank you for an awesome learning experience. I must say I was apprehensive to commit to a 9 week course and make the 3 hour drive every Thursday morning. It turned out to be the best decision I have make in my 10 year real estate career – aside from becoming a Coldwell Banker Northern Lakes agent.The skills and techniques that I have learned in this short amount of time will help propel me to great success in this industry. I feel more confident and definitely more prepared going on listing appointments and handling any objection that might come my way.

I would highly recommend this course to any new or seasoned agent. The course provides a step by step process for listing presentations, controlling the pricing, handling objections, controlling buyers and time management techniques. What I have learned in these 9 weeks will be with me for the rest of my career.

Most importantly … If it is to be …. lt’s up to me!

Missy Koszegi,
Associate broker Coldwell Banker Northern Lakes

What Leader’s Choice, Mark Leader, Has Done For Me
Know who you are. Know your passion. That’s what Mark says. I’m one of the lucky ones … I’ve known my passion ever since I can remember. I remember my first set of Lincoln Logs (from Santa). I would sit for hours building (and dreaming) houses. Later on I got a set of building blocks … wow, I could really go then.

And I also realized early on, it was the dream of creating a ‘home’ that captivated me. Maybe it was because my home life was a little unstable (understatement there). To this day, my family is the most important slice in my life … why I get up in the morning.

Houses are merely brick and mortar. A home on the other hand, is more than a grouping of rooms or a place to eat. Home can mean a lot of different things to each of us. To me, it’s a place for dreams to grow. A safe space where you can truly be you. It’s family and love. There’s just no place like it as we journey through life- dodging the wicked witch!

As a successful entrepreneur in the real estate business over the past 20 years, I had sold, bought, invested, constructed, marketed, managed, remodeled and stage a variety of homes and commercial properties for profit – always with the feeling that there was something more for me. Then several years ago I had that “ah ha” moment! It seemed so obvious– I needed to get my real estate license. What a great feeling it would be to help others find the home of their dreams. I was totally committed, with a burning desire to succeed. Surely I would be a natural with all my past experiences.

So then, why a year later, was I still chasing my tail? I tried working harder, longer hours. I had plenty of support from my family, broker, company. Yet there I was, still chasing my tail. I was very frustrated, disappointed in myself, and feeling like a complete failure to me and my family. Then along came Mark Leader! Meeting Mark was the best day of my career. Mark put it all together for me … the right attitude, new skills and the power of knowledge. I am now on my path to success. And I’m better able to help my clients, my goal from the start. I’ll never be able to thank you enough Mark. You have truly changed my life, and my family’s life, forever.

“If it is is to be, it’s up to me”

Barbara Boucher,

Realtor Coldwell Banker

Weir Manuel

Dear Fellow Realtors
I would like to dedicate this to Mark Leader and the Leaders Choice Program.

In October, I lost my Father very unexpectedly. It was and still is a huge impact on my life. I arrived back in town and was asked by my manger the following day to attend a quick seminar about this “Leaders Choice” guy. Well to be honest, I was very skeptical and really had no desire to jump into the Real Estate game. It was hard enough to get out of bed, let alone focus on getting listings and such.

Well, I signed up. On the first day of class, Mark instantly gave a great impact on the class. I know my team was also quite impressed with the way he was delivering the presentation. We were asked that day to create goals for ourselves. Would you like to know what he wanted us to do to keep focused on our goals? Well, I’ll tell you later.

Regardless of how much you think you might know about this business, you will be amazed on how much more you will learn by taking this class. The role playing, dialogues and discussions keep the time flying by. I still think my brain is smoking. I think that not only this class strengthened my personal outlook, but it also did wonders building us as a team and more importantly, a family.

I met my goals set for the class and look forward to an amazing 2014. Leaders Choice gave me the tools I need to continue my focus on being a top Realtor here at CBWM. I hope others feel the same.

Kevin J Paton,
Realtor CBWM “Mighty” Macomb

I am addressing this letter to those of you who may be on the fence about taking one of Mark Leader’s classes. DO IT! I was unable to attend the company meeting where Mark was i traduced to the company.

When the program dates were announced, I was hesitant to sign up. I had been in other coaching programs before with lackluster results. After much urging from my manager, I signed up for the class just days before it was to begin.

From the first half of the first class, I was hooked. Mark’s style and philosophy struck a chord with me and set me on the path to increasing my business. His style and delivery is very non-confrontational, which appeals to me. His idea that business is built on relationships is so true.

Since starting the class I now have 5 new listings in the pipeline. I have been a FreddieMac agent for the past 10 years and that business has kept me in business during the market crash. However, as the foreclosure business is now slowing, I need to focus on going back to regular business. Leader’s Choice and Mark Leader has given me the tools and focus to make that a reality.

In closing, I just want to say that I will be indebted to Mark the rest of my real estate career. Jump off the fence and take the best training you will ever experience. I am so happy this skeptical person did!

Tom Deuel
Realtor Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel

I am thrilled to write this testament for the Leader’s Choice Real Estate Training Program but more importantly for Mark Leader. I started the Leader’s Choice nine week program in Metropolitan Detroit area in late 2013 while working for Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel. I have been a REALTOR for almost three years; in addition I have a decade of sales experience in the Mortgage and Banking Industries. Throughout this time, I’ve struggled, like so many others in the Real Estate Industry but felt I had the determination and knowledge to be a full time successful REALTOR so I’ve kept on trying.

Consistently struggling with the same obstacles; daily commitment, getting sidetracked easily can happen far too often when you are self-employed. Networking challenges for new business and contacts, how to navigate marketing and, how to talk the ‘right’ sales talk to close business and actually get paid, but most importantly … keeping the right attitude.

When Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel offered the Leader’s Choice Real Estate Program I jumped at the chance to participate. I knew that if CBWM endorsed the program it would be beneficial but I had no idea how valuable! There are two reasons I would recommend this course. The first is the course material, I always knew there were already successful REALTORS out there who had figured it all out but I didn’t know where to find them, until now. Leader’s Choice provides the step by step Real Estate Selling Process with detailed dialogues for most common situations we are faced with daily. The listing presentation lays out specific objection handling for such things as commissions, pricing, wanting to wait, wanting to interview multiple REALTORS, friend in the business, etc. The additional course material will be invaluable to my success.

The second is Mark Leader himself! His experience was enough to tell me that he was more than capable of teaching me Real Estate dialogue and process, but he helped me identify something about myself that is invaluable to more than my career … my family. An additional struggle of mine is balancing a career with being a wife and mother of two young children. I found myself fighting daily with time management and maintaining what seemed to be mass chaos … not only professionally but personally as well. I’m sure others experience the same or similar dilemma. Mr. Leader addressed this issue in some way or another in every class and over a nine week period I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I was able to begin instituting better time management practices, work and family scheduling and maintaining the ability to focus daily on the most important tasks at hand. These disciplines are invaluable to living a successful and happy life.

Mr. Leader is not only knowledgably but optimistic, passionate and supportive of everyone he comes in contact with. His life/work management suggestions, daily affirmations and other ideas are with me every day. I have made huge strides because of his enthusiasm and I look forward to implementing each and every tip!

“I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar!”

Joss Whedonn
Realtor Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel

The Leaders Choice was a very informative and helpful class to get me motivated and organized to generate more business. I highly recommend the class to anyone just starting out in the business or someone like myself, who is reinventing herself after having a family and needed a new jump start to get going again.

It was very positive, inspirational class. Mark gave us the tools needed to be more successful in obtaining more business and keeping it going through the tough times. He was very entertaining and having teams kept us all on our toes to push harder than we had ever done before.


Cynthia Lundgren
Realtor Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel

To All Future Real Estate Agents,
I have enjoyed the Leader’s Choice Elite Masters training. Mark is a fantastic speaker with many stories that pull you in and help you understand what he wants you to learn and understand.

His motivation can lead you to push yourself farther than you thought was possible. He has opened my eyes to all the possibilities this profession can provide.

I would highly recommend any agent take this course to extend your career to new heights.


Cynthia Lundgren
Realtor Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel

Dear Mark,
It was Easter Sunday when I was telling a friend about your class that it hit me ….. . I had been asking God for insight into what was holding me back from believing to get listings. That morning a Christian friend shared a book, Love is a Choice. It talks about Unhealthy Relationships. As she shared, the light came on. I saw what it was.

For nearly 30 years I backed down from all forms of confrontation because of the emotionally abusive relationship I was in. I had been trained like Pavlov’s dog that any time I spoke up with a logical argument I was punished in some way. I got out of that relationship; but, that “reaction” to a stressful situation came with me.

Early in my Real Estate career I realized that when going on listing appointments, I found myself in confrontational situations when dealing with objections. It felt too much like those earlier moments when I cowered instead of standing up for the truth. Without realizing it, I did everything possible to avoid feeling the pain I had known in the past. But I didn’t see this truth until your class.

As I sat through the first 8 sessions I had been confronted with my lack of action. As I sat looking at the phone the resistance I felt was unnatural. My intellect told me I now had all the enablement’s to succeed so why didn’t I believe to succeed? I realized the skills I need to be a Listing agent had been suppressed for nearly 30 years.

Your class led me to look deep within myself to solve the biggest problem I have known. It has kept me back from success for many years. You’ve helped me conquer my giant. Thank you. I walk into the future knowing I have all the tools for success because you’ve given them to me in this class.

Thank you. You’re the Best!

Judy Vessels
Realtor Ultima Real Estate

Dear Fellow Realtors,

1 have been in the Leader’s Choice career development program for 8 weeks. My primary goal has been to generate listings through a system that works.

Initially, I thought this would be a great opportunity to improve and hone my existing sales skills. I did not realize I would be embarking on the best sales training I have ever experienced. This is big for me because I was raised by a national sales guru and thought I had the sales game figured out. The training I took part in opened my eyes to the many missed opportunities or sales I have left on the table over the years. Mark Leader teaches everything from managing time effectively to acquiring and selling more listings than you ever dreamed possible. Mark has covered the bases from managing a schedule, sales techniques, objection handling to generating and selling listings and so much more. Over the past eight weeks I have listed 9 properties, picked up 12 buyers, sold 5 listings and had a total of 10 sales for a total of 36 transactions.

I’ve worked hard, had to change some of my habits and make very good use of my time; however, 1 get more excited every time I see my progress and watch my bank account increase.

You certainly don’t have to ask me if I recommend taking this course. The answer is simple. If you want to grow and make more money than you dreamed possible, then make a commitment to yourself and take this training. Success is a choice. Choose success.

Lynna Langley
Broker One Partners Realtors

Dear Mark: Thank you so much for teaching us this program! I feel you have become my inspirational mentor along the way – and have truly made me realize what I MUST be doing if I am to succeed in my chosen (second) career- real estate!
The most important thing I learned is to PUT MY CAREER ON A ROUTINE! I have to GO OUT AND GET BUSINESS! I feel that in the last year and a half that I have been expecting business to come to me – through ads, referrals, etc. I now know that I have to ask for it – to do the activities on a regular basis, and hope the Higher Power sees fit to make it happen!
The second most important thing I learned is to EXCHANGE INFORMATION during an inquiry. In the past, I have been giving information away, thinking that by being informative, I will gain business. It has worked for some transactions, thankfully – but I have also lost many others I am sure, simply by not exchanging information. The third most important thing I learned is how to HANDLE OBJECTIONS! I now feel I have an arsenal of ideas to help me the next time a potential client throws an objection out at me – be it price, commission, interviewing other agents, etc.
And finally, the fourth most important thing I have learned is a proper PROCESS in my listing presentation. I feel more in control of the presentation, and I feel my customers appreciate the fact that there is an orderly way to go about the whole thing.
I would recommend this program to anyone who feels their real estate career needs a thousand watt power boost! Before Mark Leader’s “Leader’s Choice” program – I feel I was struggling and not knowing why. Now- I know why! And I now know that “IF IT IS TO BE- IT IS UP TO ME!” Thanks Mark! Yours Truly,

Sharon Posius
Coldwell Banker

1 was hesitant to enroll with Leaders Choice because I thought it was only for seasoned agents, but Mark assured me otherwise and I took the plunge! As a new REALTOR® by taking Leader’s Choice I have been equipped with strategies and down to earth tips for success in todays changing real estate world. I particularly enjoyed the way Mark unpacked each process and listed the steps sequentially, so that it was logical, easy to follow and carry out. The presentation of the material was great, with just the right mix of interaction, role-play, participation and listening. Mark has a very humble, yet well-polished technique that is easy to assimilate and integrate with one’s own personal approach. We had a great group and our group leader, Kevin Ellis and other members were very generous in sharing tips that produce OBVIOUS results! I would definitely recommend Leaders Choice both to new and seasoned real estate professionals.

Liz Mill

Dear Mark:
What a different agent I am today than I was nine weeks ago! Instead of the seasoned agent I am, I realize many of the solutions to the daily challenges of residential real estate are now at my fingertips!
Thanks very much for the opportunity to dine at a gourmet real estate buffet of knowledge! The meal was expertly prepared, well presented, and the ingredients were first class! I have savored every morsel of every entree!
When an opportunity presents itself, I shall definitely come back for a second helping of your wise teachings! In the meantime, the task before me now is to implement what I have learned, and knowing you are committed to the successes of your students will help me when I get stuck or fall into the ditch with Mrs. Crankovitch!
I sincerely hope this will be the beginning of a great relationship which will keep my numbers growing to new heights! Thanks for a great nine week!
Yours Truly,


The Mark Leader course has been very beneficial for me. But, I will tell you this, it is not an easy course. You have to want to improve, you have to want to be successful, you have to want to be the very best you can be. The fundamental of sales is all the same, but Mark helped put it all in perspective as it pertains to real estate. But even though he very accurately covered all aspects of sales, it is up to the individual person to make it their own. You do not want to sound exactly like Mark Leader; you want to sound like you!
The CD’s have been immensely helpful. I found myselflistening to them over and over in order to completely absorb everything Mark was teaching. And I know these CD’s will be re-visited from time to time as a refresher.
Real Estate is an ever changing career, but that is not a bad thing for a graduate of the Mark Leader course. With Mark’s foundation and the support of Gardner Realtors, I feel I will be ready for anything and I will succeed. And, I am having the time of my life! !

Debbie Weber
Gardner Realtors
Metairie, LA

Dear Mark:
Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to learn all of what you have assimilated, then put in a readily understandable program, interspersed with human kindness, psychology, and an appreciation of what God does for us. I applaud all the work that you must have put toward finalizing this program.
Further, I have learned aspects of real estate and how to utilize them that I had not considered before. Additionally, this course has increased my understanding of the interaction of seller and Realtor and buyer and Realtor.
I would recommend your program to a newly licensed Realtor to expand her horizons at the beginning of her career to allow her to better see her possibilities, as well as to a Realtor with years of experience to enhance his knowledge and to open him to additional opportunities. I greatly appreciate having been able to participate in this program- thank you. Sincerely,

Kay E Smith
Gardner Realtors

Your Leader’s Choice program has breathed new life into my 29 year career in residential real estate. For the first time I feel as if there is no challenge or obstacle I cannot handle now that I have the tools, strategies and dialogues offered in this amazing course.
I have learned to prioritize my tasks and set attainable goals in ways that have become second nature. am so confident my career will soar with all of the structure and knowledge I have gained in nine short weeks. As you can tell, my enthusiasm is boundless!
Thank you, Mark and thank you, “List Kickers” for all of your wisdom, support, warmth, and encouragement. I fee privileged o have had such a superb teacher at d to ha e been a par of such an awesome team. bless you all! With warmest regards,

Sarah Mock
Harry Norman Realtors
Atlanta, GA

Sixteen years ago, I became a licensed full time realtor. Upon joining a prestigious brokerage firm, I was very enthusiastic about learning how to become a successful realtor. One of the things emphasized by my broker at the time was the importance of obtaining listings. Simply put, my broker stated, ” If you don’t list, you won’t last.” I began to focus my business on obtaining listings. As I began to gain experience as a realtor, the referrals began to pour in. I began to go where the business took me. Eventually, I stopped doing the things that would allow me to focus on listings. Business was really good until things started to change when the market melted down a few years ago. My inventory was really low. How could I maintain my business with such low inventory? It was indeed a struggle. I can say I barely made it, but I realized the importance of building inventory. A few month’s ago, Harry Norman Realtors invited Mark Leader to speak to agents at our company. I was very impressed with Mark’s presentation, and I decided to enroll in Leader’s Choice. It has been an amazing nine weeks. Leader’s Cho ice has reaffirmed what my broker stated sixteen years ago. In add ition, Mark teaches you how to focus on building inventory on a consistent basis. He also teaches you how to prepare for the listing presentation and how to overcome and handle objections. In addition, he emphasizes the importance of setting goals and maintaining your focus at all times. I believe that any agent interested in taking control of their business and running a professional and successful real estate business should enroll in Leader’s Choice . I also believe if you’re a new agent in the business, your first investment should be the Leader’s Choice Course. It provides preparation and a strategy for overall success as a realtor. In conclusion, Mark Leader is an exceptional teacher and an outstanding real estate trainer. The Leader’s Choice Program has been a wonderful opportunity. I am excited about getting back to the basics .

Katiti ABR
Harry Norman Realtors
Atlanta, GA

This program has really helped me is so many ways. First of all it has taken me back to the basics. I really needed this. It has allowed me to focus on growing my business the correct way by building inventory. This class has provided me with all the resources needed to build a successful business. Being that Harry Norman is a large company, this class has made it possible for me to form lasting relationships with agents in the company that I may not have ever met. I would recommend this class to other agents. This class gives you a sense of direction and the ability to learn how to set realistic goals. Mark Leader is a wonderful instructor and always kept the class engaged. There was never a dull moment. I am truly thankful for this opportunity. Thanks Mark, I wish you all the success. See you at the top.

Saint Anderson
Harry Norman Realtors
Atlanta, GA

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I have been in the business for about 10 years and have mainly learned by the ‘trial by fire’ method and ‘hard knocks’. This program has given me structure, dialogs, documents, support and tools to add to my bag of tricks that are proven to work. I would highly recommend this program for new and veteran agents alike that want to clean up bad behaviour and learn new skills that can take your business to the next level.

Ursula Herny
Harry Norman Realtors
Atlanta, GA

The Leaders Choice 9 week executive training course for real estate professionals is not just another class; it’s the benchmark. In the short 9 weeks of the course I put under contract over $1million in volume, and obtained 11 total listings, more than 1 per week. The tools you are given in these 9 weeks teach you how to be successful in any real estate market. The methods are broken down to daily and hourly activities so that you can manage your time to do the highest income producing activities first, and when you get busy allow you to time block so that your current business is serviced but you are staying focused on new protection as well which builds a steady career not a roller coaster of feast or famine. If you have the opportunity to take this course and you are serious about being a professional in the industry you will be doing a disservice to yourself because it will cost you much more than the tuition of the class if you let this education pass you by. Highly recommended!

Lindsey Cheney
Harry Norman Realtors
Atlanta, GA

I would recommend this program to anyone who feels their real estate career needs a thousand watt power boost! Before Mark Leader’s Leader’s Choice program – I felt I was struggling and not knowing why. Now – I know why! And I know now that ‘IF IT IS TO BE – IT IS UP TO ME!

Sharon Posius
Coldwell Banker, The Real Estate Centre
Barrie, ON

As a new Realtor, by taking Leader’s Choice I have equipped myself with strategies and down to earth tips for success in today’s changing real estate world. I particularly enjoyed the way Mark unpacked each process and listed the steps sequentially, so that it was logical, easy to follow and carry out. Mark has a very humble, yet well polished technique that is easy to assimilate and integrate with one’s own personal approach.

Liz Hill
Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Centre
Barrie, ON

Prior to your course, I was questioning my future in real estate. Over the past 9 weeks, you have given me the road map to get my career on track. I have made more face to face appointments during your course than I did over the last 9 months. You have given me the tools required to regain my confidence and become successful. I highly recommend your program to all agents.

William Loewen
Royal LePage Elite
Beaconsfield, QC

Hi Curtis and Mark, thanks again for all your great coaching calls helping me get back on track with my real estate business. You quickly identified areas where I was wasting time and energy. The first month I did my best to take in your suggestions and apply them. The months following the results were fantastic.

I now have a series of tools in my aresenal to improve my attitude and keep me moving forward. 
I am excited to implement more of your powerful ideas to achieve even greater success.

Ken Foster
Edmonton AB

I have to say that working with Mark and Curtis has been my best coaching experience.

They really know how to pinpoint issues and help you quickly develop ways that promote growth in the areas you want, and move in a direction that can result in more money in your pocket, or more freedom in your life or whatever it is your goals are.

Graeme McInnis
ReMax Calgary, CA

Sometimes like a ship without a rudder, I find myself just drifting, putting in the time, going through some motions, but at the end of the day wondering “what happened”.

The Leader’s Choice Course has refocused me for the future. The workbook and the CD’s will be an invaluable resource for the future.

Having the course done in-house with our office will also create close-knit team atmosphere.

Thanks for the opportunity

Jeff Sim
Century 21

We have graduated over 550 associates during two nine week Leader’s Choice programs and with Mark’s leadership abilities and training skills, these associates have increased their production by more than 250%. During each of the two programs, the associates produced more than 1200 listings and more than 1000 sales.

All that’s left to be said is… this program works!

Mike Pappas
The Keyes Company

Nine-weeks is a long time for a seminar … and it was worth every week of it! “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Back To Basics” was a winner!

Our associates, both new and experienced, were thrilled to participate. You provided a much-needed reminder to get back to the basics we all know, but sometimes fail to put to good use … your program’s built-in accountability helped our associates re-focus on productive activities while letting go of those that fill time but produce little in the way of success … and your enthusiasm was contagious!

Cliff Baird’s conference calls have also been helpful to our managers as they focus on what’s important in this challenging market.

Mark, I look forward to having you back for a repeat performance!


Ty Dodge
President & CEO
Realty South

I would highly recommend any and all further education throughout your life! However, Leader’s Choice is so in tune with our real estate needs that it shines above all other training programs.

This course has improved my skills as a Realtor, my organization and concentration. It has also brought our office together closer as a team.

It has been fun and inspirational!


Kim Vandaele

Mark Leader has done the Leader’s Choice Program for Crye-Leike in the Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Little Rock markets. The program has been very well received in all markets. The agents were ALL very enthusiastic about the training they received. One seasoned agent stated she got more out of the Leader’s Choice Program than she got out of a more expensive, nationally known coaching program.

Harold Crye
Crye-Leike, REALTORS

The Leaders’ Choice program has greatly impacted the productivity of all the sales associates that participate in your program. That is why we did the program three times. Our associates and managers continue to work the program for continued results. References are often made to Mark Leader and the Leader’s Choice Program!

It is obvious that you care about the many sales associates you train and are passionate about their success. I also like the fact that you continue to stay in touch and ask if there is anything you can do.

Ed Forman, President
Watson Realty Corp.
Jacksonville, FL

This course taught me to be a better salesperson and a better listener. I feel more confident in handling objections. I’m “standing a lot taller” because of the confidence level.

Jenny Clemens
Century 21

Leader’s Choice has been a great motivational course for me. This is the 2nd time I have taken it and enjoyed it as much this time as the first time. I would take it every year if it was offered in our city. Great way to start the year!

Ruby Hetherington
Century 21

I would like to express how grateful I am to have taken this class. As a new agent, I am more knowledgeable, determined and accountable after completing Leader’s Choice.

I came to you as an experienced paralegal in the field of real estate but an unconfident salesperson. After taking this class and working with my classmates, not only one, but multiple light bulbs clicked-on each week as we covered new material. Each class is very well organized and each week feed from one to the other. It is clear that you and your company have put a lot of thought and effort into the program. Your direct approach, tips/techniques, stories and encouragement have resonated a renewed meaning to my position as a Licensed Salesperson.

While not everyone was encouraged equally, the accountability factor of your program certainly forced people to get on their feet. I must admit, I am guilty of not completing EVERT task each week, but doing what I can, I certainly see great improvement in my business and presentation. What more could a new agent ask for! I certainly am working harder and harder each week to implement additional techniques into my routine because I see results. Your teachings have not only brought me more confidence to my job performance, but also have encouraged me to take time for myself which overall is another great success. I would gladly encourage other agents to attend this course.

Abby M. Russel
Realty USA

The Leader’s Choice program has given me more confidence to work with both Buyers and Sellers, and has shown me ways to work smarter and save time. Proper use of the dialogues will be an extremely valuable tool that I will carry through the rest of my real estate career. The CDs are almost as good as going to class. They will make staying on course easier. Mark Leader is an excellent instructor. When he is on, he is one of the most dynamic instructors that I have had in many years.

I would recommend this program to agents with one to five years of experience.

Rosalie Smith, e-Pro, SRES
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

As I sat with my fellow classmates for the last nine weeks, listening, watching, and learning. I was soon quickly reminded that “WE” are all in this together. We all have the same goals, hearts and souls, ups and downs! Hard working, focused and determined!

That is why we are all here, and love what we are doing. Everyday is a new challenge, but we have made it through, that is why we are all still here.

My goal is to make it further, and the best I can be.

By taking this course I have been able to focus more, learn more, and be more positive even if live isn’t! There are more ways to handle objections than I realized, and only practice makes perfect.

What happens in the future is a choice that only the “Leaders” will determine; BE ONE!

Century 21

I am always looking for different ways to improve myself and further my education. The Mark Leader Course has put me back on track and in control of my business. Mark provides valuable and usable everyday skills to take your business to the next level. I try to take advantage of evert opportunity I can to attain knowledge to further my career and this course is A MUST! Thank you Mark!

Angel Sweet
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
A Sweet Realtor

Mark Leader’s Choice Course has been a rejuvenation and renewal of what I had learned from my Father and others over the past 35+ years with many new techniques that apply to today’s changing business climate. Mark’s unique presentation and prospective, along with workable tracking and accountability, makes his program a ‘must attend’. This applies to those who have been livensed for just a few or many years, as well as those whose licenses have just been minted.

Elliott T. Blauvelt, Jr.
Realty USA

I was invited as a mortgage broker to join Leader’s Choice course held by Century 21 Westman.com

I have been a mortgage broker for CENTUM Mortgage for just under 2 years, so I am building my business. I found that the course gave me ideas and tools to help make my business grow. It also gave me more of an insight as to how the Realtors work. Even though there were aspects of the course that did not pertain to my industry specifically, I found the information informative. Hopefully the Realtors have learned a little bit about the mortgage industry and how we work to get the job done for them.

The instructor has been amazing. I have found him to be very creative and resourceful and I have benefited from his innovative ideas. He brings high energy and an abundance of knowledge to the class.

I would highly recommend this course to both Realtors and mortgage brokers.

Jo-Ann Connerton
Mortgage Broker

As a sales associate at Century 21 Westman.com in Brandon, Manitoba and graduate of Leader’s Choice, I would like to encourage others within the office or from across the country to sign up in the program at the next available opportunity.

The cost of the program is returned tenfold with a rapid increase in your sales production if you follow the steps and use the tools provided.

What I found most useful was the information on handling objections and dealing with commissions which seem to be the most common factor with most other in the group. Not only is it the information in your text book and info on the many CD’s that you get, but the bond you form in the group activities that make you become a strong selling team and the group discussions we would have both during class and afterwards.

I thoroughly enjoyed the instructor’s personality and training techniques and appreciated the personal confidence he restored in me as I became more comfortable and confident in my abilities as a salesperson each week.

I look forward to taking the class again in the future to continue to refresh myself in the many great techniques taught in Leader’s Choice that will better enable me to become a top producer.

Leann Bower
Sales Associate
Century 21 Westman.com

The Leader’s Choice program is very inspiring and I highly recommend it for all


I’ve learned so much and have become more confident. I’ve so enjoyed the team spirit approach and camaraderie, not to mention a lot of fun!

With this course, I am taking away so many tools that will definitely help build my business.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Leader’s Choice. If you want to pave your path in becoming a leading salesperson, sign up for Leader’s Choice!

Diane Logan
Century 21 Westman.com

Leader’s Choice has been a great class for me. I found it very motivating! The biggest thing that I have used is keeping up with calling my clients! I also enjoyed the cold calling; it was the first time I had done it. I feel as though this is a new start to my career!

Ashley Hetherington

You have been an inspiration to help boost my productivity, confidence, and business. The message you conveyed in this class was a nice blend of courtesy, confidence, and great salesmanship. It is obvious you have worked hard to develop such a comprehensive program – which is a God-send for people such as me who are just getting into the sales arena. Because of your program, I feel confident that I can succeed and ‘have a life’ not just become a workaholic or a mediocre sales person.

I have set my goals for 2011 based on this program in full confidence I can achieve them. The skills you taught are great life practices that I will be able to use in many areas of my life, from my business to my personal interactions.

I cannot thank you enough for your instruction and the materials you provided. If anyone asks me if the class is worth the expense, my response is a huge ABSOLUTELY!!

Best to you and your continued success.

Debbie J Hyde, Realtor
Coldwell Banker Gundaker

Mark Leader’s Training has been an eye opener. I have been doing Real Estate for about 7 years and I feel I am just seeing the light. I expect I would have been further ahead by this time in my career if I had met Mark Leader sooner.

The program is extensive. It is thorough. It is a lot to master in 8 weeks. I need more time to master this information and make it work for me. But I have my notebook, worksheets, and CD’s for review.

If I can do half of what Mark has shared with us, I will be ahead in this game.

Joan M. Hale
Associate Broker

Leader’s Choice couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I struggled last year and had lost a lot of my confidence and desire to continue in real estate.

This course has completely re-built my self confidence. I have made more income in the first 2 months of 2011 than I did all of 2010.

I feel very on control of my business and feel so much more confident in all situations

I’m thrown in to in my career!

Jen Pearson
Century 21 Westman.com

Mark, a quick note to let you know we are anticipating great results again this year from your Leader’s Choice program at Reece & Nichols. As you can see by the statistics below, our session during the fourth quarter of 2007 had simply staggering results. I believe the results were significantly impacted by your ability to create an environment of accountability with enthusiasm, empathy and influence.


  • We have 2200 agents in Reece and Nichols
  • 143 agents took the Leader’s Choice program
  • They each averaged over two transactions a week for nine weeks. Amazing!
  • We had company totals of:
    • 1599 new listings
    • 699 sales and/or listings sold
    • 1028 mortgages, title, insurance
    • Total real estate sales Volume $367,403,322
    • Average Volume per agent $2,482,00

STAGGERING for sure but also note that this was all accomplished during the “No Business” season between mid-November and mid-January — there were holidays at Thanksgiving, the traditional seasonal breaks between Christmas and New Year’s and let’s not forget the Kansas winter.

Again, thank you for your contributions and coaching, it has been important for agent growth at Reece & Nichols.

Jerry Reece
Reece & Nichols

As a sales associate at Remax Associates in Winnipeg, Manitoba I found myself a little too comfortable with the way I was operating my Real Estate Business. My first introductory session with Mark Leader opened my eyes to so much more and endless possibilities. I eagerly signed up for the program and let me tell you it has changed my life both personally and professionally.

If you follow the steps and use the tools provided, the cost of the program is returned several times over with a huge increase in your sales production. What I found most useful was the information on handling objections and dealing with commissions and for sale by owners.

What I enjoyed the most was Mark Leader’s training techniques and how passionate he was in seeing us as individuals succeed. Mark is smart, real and truly great ” passionate at what he does. I am so grateful to Mark for instilling in me a new drive and personal confidence that has allowed me to do so much more as a salesperson each week.

Anita Sharma Turner
Remax Associates

Thank you very much. Leader’s Choice is a great course. I learned lots and it’s changed my outlook as a person and a salesperson. I am a much better person today then ever before. My life has changed. I have seen the light and I am going places where I’ve never been before.

Mark Kristalovich
Century 21 Westman.com

I was enrolled in the Leader’s Choice program in Vancouver. This nine week course was very beneficial in opening my eyes to new ways of prospecting but also took me back and reintroduced me to the old ways that I have been working for years. The course got me to look at all aspects of my marketing plan and listing presentation again to see that it always needs improving and fine tuning. I learned how to break down obstacles with old and new clients while role paying key scenarios that continue to come up in the business of Real Estate.

I would recommend this course to agents that have been in the business for 1 year to 100 years as it has something for everyone to learn and to make money from. It was a fun team environment full of laughs and was worth every penny.

Adam Knight
Century 21 Westman.com

I feel grateful to have taken part in Leader’s Choice training for the past nine weeks. It has been a great experience, and I will carry many of the learnings with me for the rest of my career. The camaraderie and support amongst fellow classmates, as well as the strong direction received through weekly sessions and audio, has positioned us all for strong sales year.

I feel extremely fortunate to see the outcome I have through the nine weeks. My production almost doubled during this time, and I feel confident that I now have the tools to create and manage a high level of production consistently.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement throughout. Much appreciated!

Ashley Avinashi
Century 21 Westman.com

I am a newbie in the real estate industry in Manitoba.

Being fairly new to Canada made the Real Estate job even more difficult (immigrated to Canada in 2008). With training and motivation I got the confidence and lingo to take off with wings. I got my first listing and two sales while doing the course.

Thanks for all your help and personal coaching.

Martie Kruger
Century 21 Westman.com

I recently relocated my family back to Brandon, Manitoba previously working for

Century 21 in Moose Jaw. I was apprehensive about taking the course so early in my new office but am really glad that I did.

My instructor was an amazing trainer and is now also a great friend. He not only helped me to increase my business but helped me through a tough time in my personal life.

The course was very informational and will continue to help me through my entire career as well as putting order in my home life. I highly recommend everyone in the Real Estate business take this course.

Charlene Duvall
Century 21 Westman.com

I just wanted to take a minute to say how unreal the leader’s choice training has been. Doug Thompson is one of the best leaders/trainers I have ever taken a course from, he has the knowledge to talk about the topic as well he has the success and credentials to be able to back up the techniques with personal success stories.

I am a new agent(in the business coming up on a year), since starting this course I have been pushed outside my comfort zone and done things I never thought I was possible of doing. I have sold $1,417,000 in real estate in the 8 weeks since starting the course and I owe a lot of that success to Doug Thompson and Mark Leader. For the rest of my career I will be the first agent to sign up for Leader’s Choice when it returns to Manitoba.

Thanks Doug for shaping my real estate career.

Ryan Shields
Century 21 Westman

I just wanted to thank you for your time that you’ve given us over the past eight-plus weeks. It has been a true pleasure meeting you and being taught by such a wonderful person!

When you were in Owego for the introductory seminar, it was an uplifting, motivational insight that didn’t remotely come close to the inspiration you are in the course of Leader’s Choice. When you first hear the period of the course being nine-weeks, it seems like a long time…it hasn’t been! It seems like yesterday we started, but in now less than one week we conclude this life-changing journey.

Before Leader’s Choice, I was a below-average Real Estate Salesperson, barely getting by…my how that changed in the course of the first four-weeks where I immediately stepped out of my comfort zone and listed five properties and as many Exclusive Buyer’s Contract’s…which I had NEVER done to date.

My life, as well as my career is forever changed because of the influence you’ve had and I sincerely thank you for that! You are a motivator and mentor in every sense of the term.

Again…THANK YOU VERY MUCH, best of luck, health and happiness to you and your family.

Ken Howe

I have just completed the LEADER’S CHOICE course taught by Doug THOMPSON. This Course was made up of a Group of 18 Century21 Agents from Red Deer, and Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. These agents have experience ranging from over 20 years to just under one year. I myself have over 10 years of sales. I took the Course as I felt that I needed to be brought back to the basics of what it is to be a top producing salesperson. This Course has revitalized me, and has given me the drive and enthusiasm for my career. A lot of what I learned here, I already knew. But I had forgot, or just let it slide. I feel this Course can be beneficial to any Realtor, whether you are just starting or have been out there forever. I would recommend it to anyone, and know that somewhere along the line I will be taking it again. The material, tools and instructor were all first rate.

Al Zenert
Century21 West Country
Realty Ltd.

Thanks for the great job of training this past 9 weeks. I truly appreciated your professionalism and commitment to getting us through. I believe 100% in this course. 12 years ago I took my first training from Mark Leader. If he hadn’t impressed upon me the importance of the content of the course, I can absolutely swear that I would not be a realtor now. I have been a 4 time Double Centurion in Century21, a 4 time Centurion, and a top 21 producer in units and production. None of this would have happened without knowing, believing in, internalizing and using the content of this course. I strongly encourage anyone considering this course to take a leap of faith in yourself. Invest in your future and leave mediocrity behind.

Thanks so much for being there for all of us.


As a brand new agent, I have got to admit in the beginning I was skeptical to even begin taking the Leader’s Choice Program.

In 9 weeks your program has provided me with a tremendous foundation. I feel that I now have an incredibly better understanding of the practical tools and professional dialogue that it takes to build a successful business in Real Estate.

Above all, it has increased my confidence and helped me to manage the avoidance behavior tendencies that I possess because after all “if it is to be, it is up to me.”

Thank-you so much!

Kelly Douglas
Realty USA
Lockport, NY

This seminar has helped me tremendously with my career in Real Estate. I feel I now have the tools and dialogue to build my business. It appeals to seasoned agents as well as brand new agents.

I would highly recommend this class if they want to build their business. It really gave me the jump start we sometimes all need. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

Michele Tracy
Realty USA
Lockport Office

The Leader’s Choice program is an inspired 9 week course that has given me the opportunity to focus at some length at my own goals as well as the essentials and intricacies of selling real estate. The personal sense of care and involvement, toughness and good humor of Mark Leader is most appreciated. A sincere thank-you.

Brooks Bragdon

I would definitely recommend the Mark Leader, Leader’s choice to everyone. It is definitely beneficial to brand new agents to get them on the right track to building a strong foundation for a long and successful career.

Also for the opposite end of the spectrum to the more seasoned agents. It will make them more accountable, more organized in order to work smarter, in less time and make more money!

Cheryl Schote
Licensed Assoc. R.E. Broker

This letter is written to affirm that everything good you heard about the Mark Leader course is true, and then some. The course itself is extremely well organized and thought-out. Its logical progression is very user friendly.

Then, there is the enthusiasm of Mark Leader, which is contagious. I think it would be difficult to sit through these sessions and not be energized and motivated to achieve extraordinary results.

The presentation, the materials, the techniques, the dialogues were all very professionally done, and will continue to be a benefit as a very dynamic reference sources in all future activities.

Mark Leader has “been there”, “done that” and brings to the course the benefit of that experience, with a hands-on approach, emphasizing consistency, hard work, focus and persistence.

This course has helped expand my “comfort zone” to enable me to be more pro-active with direct personal approaches to potential clients, thereby enabling me to overcome my “addiction to avoidance behaviour”.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone with a desire to bring their real estate career to a new level.

Thank you Mark, we will miss our Wednesday classes…

Mary Mansfield
Realty USA
Endwell, New York

Thank you so much for all your hard work in presenting the finest real estate course I have ever taken. I have taken three different programs in the last couple of years. Your class is by far the hardest, most intensive, detailed and rewarding of them all. It has got to have been the best nine weeks I have had in the business. Not only have I made more money, I have more confidence in myself and that is priceless.

I must admit at the first class I said to myself, “what a bunch of BS”. Especially when you started handing out Tee shirts and making us form teams. But I soon realized that this team concept was going to save my career if I went for it. It made us accountable to each other and to ourselves. I found the course very challenging, which is why it worked so well. You make us set our goals high and we were up to the challenge.

I would recommend this experience to anyone who really wants to succeed in this business. It has given me ALL the tools I need to make a good living and I think it will make my family happier as well. Which is something that I wasn’t expecting and neither were they. I definitely got my moneys worth out of this class. If anyone is considering participating in this program, I say go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

Joe Giordano
Associate Broker
Audrey Edelman Realty USA

My experience for the past 9 weeks being in Leader’s Choice with Mark Leader has been a very positive one for me. Unfortunately, taking this class came at a time when my family was in great turmoil. My Dad who is 85 years old has progressively been losing his ability to walk and my Mom who is an amputee, depends greatly on him. I’ve had to step in as a result to do errands, and help around the house so, concentration on doing my job has been at a minimal. But, the classes were always interesting, and I was able to pick up so much information so when I was working, I found myself using many of Mark’s dialogues to help with difficult situations. I found they were amazingly helpful. Being a realtor of almost 23 years, Mark didn’t teach me much I didn’t already know but, he reinforced the need to use what I had tucked away for years and felt I didn’t need anymore and it was very successful. Listen to what he has to say…you wont’ be sorry! He is right about it all. You just have to implement and use it!!!

Debra Lawrence
Realty USA

This program has set a good foundation for my real estate career. I got my real estate license a little over three months before taking this course. I felt like there was a lot I didn’t know before starting this program. The things that I have learned and have been able to apply during this 9 weeks has made me more confident and in control as a realtor. I feel I will have a lot less stumbles because of the dialogue and objection handling techniques presented. I believe any learning is form state to stage so maybe some of the information I didn’t grasp as well because I haven’t experienced a lot of the basics, but as I do more I will have the information to refer to in each situation.

It was very helpful for me getting together the listing presentation, and learning a lot of the dialogue for different processes. I grasped more about having my data base organized, and the great ideas for prospecting and building social capital. I see the importance of making listings my #1 priority, and am strengthened to handle the objections in many areas.

I would highly recommend this program to new agents because it gets you started in the right direction and opens to you a bigger picture of your role and responsibilities as the real estate professional. You will be taught “how to” which makes you more prepared, confident, and in control in every situation with your clients and customers. You will learn dialogue that you can use in most situations. It teaches you “how to” organize and prioritize your business affairs, prospecting, and marketing to save you time and money. You learn to be able to handle the most common objections so you will have less stumbling blocks right from the start.

I would recommend this program to experienced agents because there is a lot of “meat” in it, if they have the meekness and desire to learn and grow in their business. I think it can challenge, encourage, and refresh anyone to improve their personal, and real estate endeavours.

I’m thankful to have been a part of this course.

Tracy Jensen

Thank you so much for the Opportunity of a Lifetime! I feel like a more focused, successful and optimistic individual because of taking the Mark Leader Course.

He has taught me the following:


I could go on and on for many pages expressing what I have learned from a definite LEADER IN THE INDUSTRY! I believe I am more equipped today than I have ever been to become a strong successful person and sales agent. I have been told my entire business career that I have what it takes to become a financially successful person, but only now do I believe I have been not only handed the tools but shown how to use the tools to make my perception a REALITY!


Tammy Byers
Lic. R.E. Salesperson
Christensen Realty USA

I highly recommend the Leader’s Choice Training Program taught by Mark Leader to any real estate professional who has a year+ in the business and is looking for an intensive program to help them to significantly increase their business.

I loved Mark’s clear and concise way of explaining his magnetic marketing presentations with a step by step dialogue, his valuable services, handling stalls, objections & conditions, FSBO presentation, his positive attitude & his ability to teach dialogue, technique & process.

I now feel confident to handle any situation or at least know that I have all the information at my fingertips. I feel prepared to go on a listing appointment and know that if week to keep the momentum goingI want it, it’s mine to take.

Sue Burns
Realty USA

I just wanted to thank you for a very energizing 9 week training program. The weeks have flown by. You are a tremendously motivating speaker and I would highly recommend this course to anyone, both new and seasoned agents.

Over the course of 38 years I have been in business, the “Leader’s Choice” program has been one of the best investments I have ever made for my business. You tend to get stuck in a rut, always doing things the same way and this course gave me the needed push to get out of my comfort zone and back on track. The program has also taught me to be more organized and focused and get back on track.

Working together as a team has also been very beneficial. Our team worked so well together, we plan to get together each week to keep the momentum going.

Realty USA Binghamton

I consider today a milestone in my Real Estate career. I am completing the 9 week Leader’s Choice training program and graduating as a LEADING SALESPERSON! I was fortunate enough to not only have the opportunity to invest in myself by taking this program, but was even more fortunate to have you as my instructor.

Throughout my professional life I have listened to many speakers, instructors and mentors tell me repeatedly what I must do. This recent experience with you is the first time somebody has actually laid out on basic terms how to do it. I have no complaints about my success prior to participating in this program. I do believe, however, that as I continue to implement the strategies and techniques you have shared with me that my business will grow exponentially.

Your teaching style, the format of the program and the additional supplemental aids you made available to me all contribute to make this the most profound professional experience of my life. I will recommend anyone willing to believe enough in him or herself take the Leader’s Choice training program at the first possible opportunity.

Mark Camera-Eckman

I would like to thank you for bringing this intense Real Estate training to RealtyUSA. I am an agent with only 3 years experience trying to make it in this tough market. I always thought “I am so busy raising 3 kids, being involved in the kids school activities and sports. I don’t have the time to become a TOP agent”. Now I know I was wrong!! You have provided me with all the tools I needed to kick-start my business. I have learned to make better use of my time so that I can work less and make more money! The last 9 weeks with you have also given me the confidence I need to get the job done! I use all the tools and dialogue you have taught me everyday and I am blown away with the results!!! It is like I have a little Mark Leader sitting on my shoulder at all times keeping me on track. You are such an amazing man!

I have and will continue recommending this training to all agents that need a boost to become more successful! It is never too late to start over!!

I have had the time of my life!

Dawn Kizis
RealtyUSA -Endwell

The Leader’s Choice program is an inspired 9 week course that has given me the opportunity to focus at some length at my own goals as well as at the essentials and intricacies of selling real estate. The personal sense of care and involvement, toughness and good humor of Mark Leader is most appreciated.

Brooks Bragdon

Thank you Mark Leader for coming to Albany for the last nine weeks to bring us the Leader’s Choice program. I have only been in real estate for a couple of years and really did it mostly part time. This fall I decided to step it up a bit and this is exactly what I needed. I have learned dialogues that have helped me and will con continue the group and help each other stay on tracktinue to help me. I have become more confident about dealing with people in my work settings and have just been more conscious of asking everyone I know about real estate. It has really been a great learning experience. I look forward to continuing to listen to the CD’s and know that I will make next year a fabulous yearObviously, Tom and I will keep you informand hope your year in 2009 is a great one. regardless of the market and the media because of this class.

Elizabeth Foley – Von Dell
Realty USA

Brokers, being business people, know investing in their people is the best return on their $$. Many may have the experience but not the time or skill to make their new employees professional. There are instructors and there are teachers, Mark Leader knows how to teach! Astute Broker’s would take the time to a) refresh themselves b) have this curse a requirement to be a part of their team, a small 1K investment!

This course has given me the polish, confidence, and reaffirmed what I knew as weakness and strengths. So the strong has been made stronger, there weak has been deleted (bad seeds be gone!).

Being new in the industry I have been approached by new sales people asking, “How do you do it?” the answer to this point in time is “a wing and a prayer!” There is a constant buffet of course offerings for tools to enhance Realtors sales success. Tools do no replace knowledge and savvy. We have to know in this business The Person is what counts, and the Mark Leader method of TEACHING is what made me invest in myself with the time and money outlay. I did not enjoy classes the first time around in life, however one does not LEARN from a facilitator who sends you off with tomes and CD’s. Mark has injected his own life experiences, good & bad, and been at class with us for the duration. He has asked no more than he has been able to give us. Team remarks were made in the early stages of weeks 4 & 5 “I have already gotten my $’s worth” so… …I can I not recommend this to my fellow Realtors, and turn them into Professionals to workd along side of?

Rachel Gendron

Thank you for bringing your ideas and desire to succeed to Saskatchewan. It has been a very intensive, yet informative 9 weeks.

I also learned so many new skills and ideas and now have the reference material for when I feel as though I may have forgotten. The session that really hit home was the attitude and time management session. Feeling that my time management skills may be somewhat lacking I now feel as though I know which direction I should be headed. Your course gave me the tools to improve my skills, the confidence to know that I am in control of my own income capabilities, and the dialogue and steps for whatever success I choose.

Julie Davidson

The course is wonderful and is doing what it is supposed to do. Sally did figures with the membership/mls and came up with the average ABoR member has posted 1.47 listings since the first of the year. The class is running way ahead of that since the 4th session. We have several prominent members in the class and each and every one of them is jumping up and down, stating how great the class is and how glad they are they are participating. One recent Board of Directors chair indicated she would not have met and worked with the diverse group of people she has met in this class and is so very happy she has been afforded this opportunity.

Sally Yaryan and Shirley Williams
Austin Board of REALTORS®

I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to say “Thank-you”. When I started this course I really wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I didn’t know if I could take what was taught and apply it to my business. Now after going through the process I am a confident sales person. I have the tools to out and get a 6 month listing, in a market where they only list for 3 months. I am getting listings that I can sell and working with sellers who understand the value of my work and how I am going to work with them.

All in all this time has been the kick start I needed to take my business to the level I know it should be at. So once again “Thank-You” for showing me how to be the best I can be!

Shandee Weinrich

I’m the 2008 Chairman of the Austin Board of Realtors and a member of the inaugural class of Leaders Choice at the Austin Board of Realtors. I am truly pleased to be in attendance at Mark’s class. It’s timely, practical and entertaining! I truly believe that a class like this raises the bar for all those involved. Also, it creates a bond among competitors which can only mean smoother transactions, fewer complaints and all around better relationships among Realtor members. Relations as we venture forward to conquer that world of real estate. If you’re considering hiring Mark to teach a class, I’d say GO FOR IT! It’s working tremendously well here in Austin!!!

As for ABOR stats…from Jan 2010 to present, the average ABOR agent has sold .7 homes per month. In our class the average agent has 1.3 transactions PER WEEK!!! The numbers speak for themselves.

If you’re wondering who this class appeals to, it appeals to a broad cross section of the Realtor population from commercial, to mom and pops shops, franchises, new agents to 30 year veterans. We have all these members on just one team. We have 50 people attending the class and everyone is at least 100% more productive than before this class!!!

Socar Chatmon-Thomas
Elegant Estates by Auction, A PLR Company

The Leader’s Choice Program has been invaluable in teaching me the methods required to attain more listings. It has helped to expand my “comfort zone” to include more direct approaches with potential clients, especially in regards to cold calling FSBO and other leads.

I have also networked with other Agents in the program, formed new friendships, and strengthened relationships with Agents from my office who are also in the class.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants their real estate business to grow. The techniques learned in this class can definitely increase an agent’s income. I myself applied some of the methods and acquired 8 listings! I may not have attained these listings without the “jump start” this program provides.

Denise Sproull
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

The Leader’s Choice program you presented has taught me what is necessary to be a leading Real Estate professional sales person. Your enthusiasm, yet caring attitude toward the agent and client has developed tremendous confidence and abilities in my approach to sales.

You presented an excellent, thorough, abundance of techniques and material that has been refined over many years in the business. The presentation and the materials are all very professionally done.
Mr. Leader, you truly show you care about each and every agent’s individual success and development. Your high energy level was unwavering each week, and all day during the session. There was plenty of personal attention to any questions, and you were always available.

I have been a licensed agent about 5 months and feel that with that level of experience and training, the Leader’s Choice program came at the perfect time in my development. It has been the perfect course, at the perfect time. With my experience before the Leader’s Choice course, I knew and understood enough to really be able to absorb the material, dialogue and techniques.

Thank you for presenting such a fine program. I highly recommend this program to all.

Kurt Tauzel
Ebby Halliday REALTORS®

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for conducting the Leader’s Choice Seminar in the Pittsburgh area this year. I am glad that I was able to be a part of this amazing learning experience, and I know that I will be using many sections of this program for years to come.

Feeling that my skills in prospecting and time management were somewhat lacking made me decide that this course just might be what I needed to take my career to the next level. And I am very glad that I took the time out of my busy schedule to attend the entire seminar.

Your course gave me the tools to improve my skills, the confidence to know that I am in control of my own income capabilities, and the dialogue and steps for success.

Again, thank you for bringing this amazing seminar to our area!

Anna Marie Dulik
Howard Hanna – Simon Real Estate Services

I am sure you are onto the next group stuck in past routines. I know Tom has dropped you an email and I wanted to do the same. We are still listening to the CD’s and reviewing all the great information we learned.

Just wanted to share with you our experience over the weekend; Tom and I did an open house yesterday with an excess of 20 plus parties going out in a very nasty rainy day.

We have not done a lot of open houses together. This worked out great as we would hear phrases being repeated from each other such as “Let me tell you how I work”, “Are you renting or do you own”, “Fair enough” and “Lets Pretend”. Believe it or not we got 9 quality leads out of it and 2 that look pretty definite already.

Oh my goodness, it is a part of us and we had no idea!!! All kidding aside, we have not stopped learning and will continue to use everything you taught us. We so appreciate you being there for us with all the struggles we went through and put so much into helping each of us in the class. Obviously we know how your consistent high energy is not an easy thing to do.

Actually we are going to meet tomorrow to continue the group and help each other stay on track. Obviously, Tom and I will keep you informed and hope your year in 2009 is a great one.

Jill K Strombeck, CBR
Realty Executives B. W.

As a brand new agent, Leader’s Choice has provided me a tremendous foundation. I feel I now have the practical tools and professional dialogue to build the business and desire. Above all, it has increased my confidence and instilled in me a firm understanding that “if it is going to be, it is up to me.”

I am in total control of my failure or success… and I choose success!

Ruthann Goozdich
Howard Hanna

The best part of Mark Leader’s program for me was using the tools given in class out in the field and seeing that they worked!! I had an existing mindset about sellers and buyers reactions to various things that was incorrect in many cases. Once I found that one tool worked, I had confidence in the next and then the next. This course has been and continues to be very enlightening.

The area in which I improved the most and gained the most confidence was in seller listing presentations that resulted in signed listing contracts for saleable properties. That was exactly what I had hoped for when I committed to the program.

I would recommend Leader’s Choice to any Realtor in my company because you will walk away with what none of us thought was possible – a manual for this profession that is truly remarkable. You’ll find yourself using many of the techniques not only in business but also when you’re talking to family and friends. It’s a manual of fine thinking that results in easier and more fruitful conversations. As knowledge and confidence ascend, frustration descends and this profession of ours becomes more fulfilling as well as more profitable.

Kathleen Humphrey
Realty Executives

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for conducting the Leader’s Choice Seminar in the Pittsburgh area this year. I am glad that I was able to be a part of this amazing learning experience, and I know that I will be using many sections of this program for years to come.

Feeling that my skills in prospecting and time management were somewhat lacking made me decide that this course just might be what I needed to take my career to the next level. And I am very glad that I took the time out of my busy schedule to attend the entire seminar.

Your course gave me the tools to improve my skills, the confidence to know that I am in control of my own income capabilities, and the dialogue and steps for success.

Again, thank you for bringing this amazing seminar to our area!

Anna Marie Dulik
Howard Hanna – Simon Real Estate Services

Just wanted to say thank you for nine weeks packed full of real estate ideas! Mark has the answers to most any question or situation that can arise in any real estate transaction or situation. What is taught is hands on and we all got to apply what was taught in class each week. Every week we received instructional CDs which paralleled and reinforced each lesson. Just pop them in your CD player while driving to keep you on top of your game. Mark teaches us how to use open ended questions to get our clients talking and feeding us the information we need to land each listing appointment. He shares his tried and true techniques via all of our senses. We all received a binder full of information which can be easily referenced. There is also online and phone support available. Mark can take any negative situation and put a positive spin to it. He teaches us to do the same while encouraging us to think on our feet and to believe in ourselves. If we believe, so will our clients. 1 now realize the power of a listing. Having listings is money in the bank. (I did get 2, listings, 4 buyer listings, and 1 listing sold during this seminar.” also have a good 7-8 pending transactions. All of these were largely due to techniques I learned at the Mark Leader’s Seminar). Money and time well spent! Thanks Mark!

Cathy S. Petrulli
Hanna Braves-Pittsburgh

Thank you for a very invigorating experience the past few months in Leader’s Choice. We have certainly learned some new techniques and reinforced some old tricks of the trade we never even knew about. Despite all of the years of experience on our team this market has made us feel helpless and a lack of control, your program has empowered and reinvigorated all of us.

One of the real strengths of your training is that you tailor our classroom experience to our real-world environment versus simply expounding a bunch of cookie-cutter sales-speak. Your techniques combined with the Leader’s Choice content materials have prepared us not just for the next few months, but for an entirely new way of doing our business for years to come.

Thank you again and we’re all looking forward to applying some new-found approaches and more importantly – closing new deals!

Keith, Linda, Kathryn, Phil, and The Wizard
Realty Executives

As this class draws to a close, I wanted to express my appreciation to you and all those involved in Leader’s Choice. I have found the classes to be very informative and empowering. You have provided me with the tools necessary to move my real estate career to the next level and beyond.

The class on “The Cost of Waiting” was taught at the perfect time. One of my listings was not just the highest price home on a street but the highest price home in the neighborhood. An offer came in (1 had the buyer too) which was about 18% less than the asking price. During the negotiating process I used “The Cost of Waiting” technique with my sellers and they saw the value in my words. Today I am in possession of a commission check slightly over $6,000 and have bragging rights of being the agent to sell the most expensive home ever in the community of West Newton.

Thank you again for all your words of wisdom. Your offer of continued support is comforting and I am looking forward to becoming active with Leaders Elite.

I wish you continued success with Leaders Choice.

Deborah Puglia Team Captain
Mid Mon Valley Money Makers
Howard Hanna – Simon Real Estate Services

We have come to the end of this very intense nine week class. Haven taken this class once before I did not think I could learn anything new. When I took this course two years ago I walked away with a new found confidence and this time not only has my confidence improved but I also finally realize how important listings are.

Primarily a Buyers Agent, I was always afraid of taking listings, and worried about not being able to sell the homes and the expense of marketing.

This course has taught me to look at it in a different way. Once I analyzed my past selling history I realized that most of my business did come from my listings. I now have a new and fresh look towards taking sellable listings and learning how to overcome objections was another big break trough for me as I was always trying to appease Sellers by standing by and waiting for the “go ahead”. I now find myself asking more questions, not taking “No” for an answer and surprise myself by actually getting a yes instead of “I will call you”.

I would recommend for anyone to take this class and get a fresh new look at how to become successful even in these tough times.

Thank you Marilyn for all you do to get us out of our comfort zone.

Marion Chase
Realty Executives Advantage

I have been a participant in Mark’s course for the last 9 weeks. During this process I have learned to look at myself and my career in new ways.

First, I have learned how to look at what I am doing as a whole. Then I am able to decide in a better way which activities to do first. My time management is improving. Secondly, I have learned a lot of new ideas for dialogue and technique in different client situations. What I appreciate most about these is that they are all ethically based, which is important to me.

And, finally, I feel I have grown so much in these last 9 weeks. I feel so much stronger, and better able to deal with whatever situations are thrown my Way. As my confidence and commitment to real estate has grown, my desire for personal growth and change has grown. I felt the need to upgrade my appearance to a more professional level, which I am sure is aiding in my personal achievement. I have also been able to quit smoking, which I have wanted to do for a long time now, but was never able to find the motivation.

CD#4 what helped me to do this. At the end of the CD is a message about controlling your habits that really spoke to me. I will forever be grateful for that alone.

I feel I am forever changed for having attending this class, and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Thank you for a great experience.

Debbie Sterrett
Howard Hanna Fox Chapel

I have always admired and emulated individuals who work smart to achieve a pinnacle of success. So, when this program was offered to Ebby Halliday agents, it was easy to ascertain the value that was presented especially when Mr. Leader was to be the instructor. The fee is nominal in comparison to the menu of mountainous strategies and effective dialogue that was served up on a motivational platter during the ten week seminar. Every aspect of the real estate experience is addressed and tackled. Seasoned agents are challenged to refine their skills while new agents are in the enviable position of absorbing tested tactics that will take them to the top. This program unified our office as well as the Ebby organization. The dialogue, role-playing and motivation CDs have been an invaluable tool to conquer any market! Mark Leader was the right person at the right time to help us position ourselves to succeed in the real estate market place!

Alfonso Gonzalez
Ebby Halliday Dallas, TX

I am writing this letter to thank you for the most comprehensive Real Estate training course, I have ever taken. I was a “sweat hog” In 1990, and I have taken numerous other training classes in years past. BUT … nothing had the effect that your confident training had on me. The camaraderie, acceptance, and accountability gave me the push I needed to make this class a step toward excellence. Not only in my career, but in my personal and spiritual life. I loved the personal stories and even got good at the role playing. During this 9 week timeframe, I generated as much business as I Had the entire previous year. But more importantly…..I LOVE MY JOB. I finally feel in control, and have developed habits that keep me focused.

Learning Excellence
Achieving Dreams
Earning and Realizing Goals
Seeking the path to personal and professional success!!!!!!!!!!

Peg Rayher
Howard Hanna Norwin

As a fresh new real estate agent that was greener than a golf course, your seminar was exactly what I needed to step up the game. The proper club used at the right time, with an enormous amount of practice can give even Tiger Woods a run for his money. I too, am now armed with concise dialogue that utilized at the exactly the appropriate situation can rival a seasoned agent! Listings appointments are “a hole in one” every time. (Tiger Woods would be jealous!) I whole heartedly endorse and recommend this seminar to anyone who did not have the foresight to see its value, the first time it was offered to them. Mr. Leader is a time-tested, street smart individual that advocates old-fashioned hard work and persistence. He has been the motivation stick we have all aspired to reach, week after week.

Mr. Leader, thank you for this necessary program and the support system to help anyone succeed!

Arti Desai
Ebby Halliday Dallas, TX

I feel like I have been in a whirlwind for the past 9 weeks! I knew that I would miss something special if I didn’t sign up for your course, and I don’t like regrets. I was right, and I am now patting myself on the back for investing in myself and my future by taking your Leader’s Choice Course. This is the best 9 weeks of intense training that I’ve experienced in my 25 years as a Realtor. Mark, I needed a boost and some new ways of looking at the business. We sometimes get in a rut and cannot see the opportunities all around us. That’s the best thing you have done for me:

Change my thinking! Not that I have not heard a lot of your message before, but your down-to-earth delivery and the way you make it fun creates an atmosphere that makes it easy to believe your message. I know that I can do more than I have ever done before, and I will make the changes that I want in my business.

Thank you for sharing with us so many of your secrets. Your scripts are invaluable and I have already incorporated many. I am still practicing, and I am reaping the results of my efforts of the past few weeks.

Mark, I expect to double or more my business and profits in the next year. I will let you know how it goes.

Susi Mitchell Broker/Agent
Susi Mitchell Team Ebby Halliday Realtors

Thank you for these 9 weeks of intensive training in the real estate industry. As an agent in the business only 18 months, I consider this invaluable time and training to put my early career on the right path. I am blessed to be associated with a company like Ebby Halliday, Realtors that enjoys respect, integrity and professionalism unsurpassed in the industry. My company also offers the very best training for its agents, so it is no surprise that the Mark Leader Courses have been made available. I believe you are in tune with the market today – the way agents and clients conduct business. You make sense! I am more comfortable in speaking with clients and prospects, more aggressive in my daily prospecting and excited overall about my future in this business – and that is being said in a “down market”!!!

I have and will continue to recommend the Leader’s Choice training to new and seasoned agents. This course is for everyone – no more status quo.

Barabara Barnett

I have been very excited by the Mark Leader Course. If you have ever thought “I need to develop a system” then this is the class for you. It has given me all the tools I need to be as successful as I desire. The rest is up to me!

Tamie Hurt
Ebby Halliday Realtors

I am a licensed realtor since 1977 and can honestly say that mark leader’s program has given me the additional tools needed to assist me with handling seller’s objections. More importantly it has helped me to be in control and not be controlled. If it is to be, it is up to me! These 9 sessions have helped me to refocus on what is important….. Listings, listings and more listings! However, to get these listings, routine work is needed! The tools that leader’s choice provides allows one to refocus on what is needed to be successful. If you take the course and follow it, you will find that it is money well spent!

Donna Wisniewski
Champion Realty

I want to say what a life changing event the Mark Leader course has been. I have taken many other courses, but Mark has the real techniques to make an agent a real winner. The objection handling techniques in particular are very valuable. I finally know exactly what to say and when to say it. I would recommend this course to every agent serious about their production.

Paulette Cuellar
Ebby Halliday Realtors

I’ve been in the real estate business now on a full time basis for more than 25 years. I’ve experienced several down markets during those years with this one being the most severe!

Leader’s Choice and Mark Leader have given me the re-fueling and fine tune-up that I was in need of to make it through this unprecedented period.

I am glad that I committed to finish Mark’s 9 week program!

John Wisniewski, GRI Associate Broker
Annapolis, MD Champion Realty, Inc.

The Leaders Choice experience has been, and is, a renewal for my spirit and enthusiasm about my life and work. There have been so many wonderful conversations with people whether they were encountered with Expired Listings, Cold Calls, FSBO contacts, my Friends and Customers. A much needed renewal and recommitment to achieving my goals has been realized. I am looking forward to each day to apply the information that has been so effectively presented. There are messages in this program that applies to the basics for education, family, work, spiritual growth, and days off. Because of this first six weeks experience, I am grateful and humbled by the truths that have been presented. I appreciate the opportunity to manifest the strength that will exceed my expectations with each day that passes. To The Leaders Choice, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Vernell Gray
Ebby Halliday Real Estate, Inc.

The Mark Leader Course has been an eye opener for me. It has helped me in many ways of doing my Real Estate business as well as building my confidence. The course has taught me how to acquire listings, build inventory, go on listing appointments and plenty more. I have received guidance on scheduling my time for work and still make time for family. I would recommend this course to anyone new or experienced. There is always something new to learn.

Sharon Crew
Champion Realty, Inc.

I am one of your students in Dallas, working as an agent with Ebby Halliday Realtors®. I received my license just three months ago. I had no previous experience in real estate, and I am new to the area. With few friends in Dallas and no family, I must build my customer base from scratch. Tomorrow will be the seventh session of our nine- week program and I already got my first listing.

Had it not been for your phenomenally well crafted process I would not have been able to convince my client to list her home with me. Your course has given me both the tools and self confidence to become successful in the real estate business. I was once skeptical about the class, but now I feel it was well – worth it. I am so glad that I learned these techniques from you so early in my career.

Jorge Goldsmit
Ebby Halliday Real Estate, Inc.

When I started this program, I along with many of my colleagues had been adversely affected by the negative press in the real estate industry. I believe after hearing it so often, I actually believed it. What your course did for me is make me realize that there will be hundreds of thousands maybe millions of homes sold this year and there is absolutely no reason I shouldn’t be the one selling them. You had me focus on getting back to the basics, looking at every new, past & potential client as new business and treating it that way. I feel that I am refocused, reenergized and in general enthusiastic about my career again.

Having sold over $200,000,000 million dollars of real estate over the course of my career, you would think I would be immune to media hype but none of us are. I am grateful to have met you and for the opportunity to learn and implement your systems. I agree with you that automation is the key to success and nothing beats personal contact. My sincerest thanks for your fabulous presentation and high energy. I would take your course again and again.

Bonnie Johnson
Stevensville, MD Champion Realty, Inc.

I have just finished nine weeks of the Leader’s Choice program with Mark Leader. He taught us excellent up to date dialogue and some new ideas.

This program reminded me of things I knew, but had gradually stopped doing over the years. It reminded me not to take shortcuts and to follow the process. Above all, it stressed the need to prospect constantly and that listings are a realtor’s livelihood.

I would highly recommend this program to jump start new agents and to give seasoned agents a shot in the arm.

Suzanne Fair
Champion Realty

The Mark Leader program has opened my eyes to the possibilities of what can be achieved and accomplished when a committed level of effort and determination is dedicated.

The atmosphere and environment is competitive but in a way that makes you improve by refining your approach.

The Mark Leader program represented to me both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge of working and striving to achieve beyond where I felt I could be and the opportunity to work with some of the top real estate agents at Champion Realty to refine and improve my skill set to move beyond my comfort zone.

The program stressed accountability not only to the team but to myself. Establishing goals anI wanted to take a moment and thank you for sharing all of your d developing techniques and processes to achieve those goals

Being one of the leading trainers in the industry, has imparted to me vast knowledge of technique and information to help me perform and meet my everyday challenges in the Real Estate Industry.

I am grateful for his help.

Betty Garber
Champion Realty

I’m not sure if you remember me. I was in your Detroit class in early Spring.

On Wednesday my Broker honored me in front of everyone: our company owner; our former owner; and the other 120 agents in our office. Jon told everyone that I went to the Mark Leader training class and “drank the kool-aid”, and have since increased my deals significantly. From December 2007 thru March 2008 I had no sales. I almost left the business. In the 20 weeks since completing your class, I have closed 14 deals. I have four more scheduled to close by the end of the month for a total of just over $3,000,000 in sales. What can I say but “Thank you so much!”

There are other successes too. I’ve taken four out-of-town vacations and spent many “guilt-free days” with my five-year old. I’m finding time for the gym, church, and some charity work.

Most of the success has been due to an attitude shift; believing that great things are going to happen; believing that there is a way to get even the most incredibly difficult deals together.

Before your class, I think I was looking to find someone else to “rescue” me. Through your class, I found the power within myself to drive my own success.

I heard myself tell a client: life is like a game of shoots and ladders, you may land on a shoot, but you don’t stop playing. The next day, they went out and found a ladder – we sold their house at asking price, and bought another one for a steal. They had wanted to take their house off the market and wait a year before talking about real estate again.

Oh, and do you remember how you were telling me to let go of my past and forget about the dead-beat dad. You kept telling me that I’ll find a great guy. I kept telling you that I wasn’t looking for “him”; that I just wanted to pay my bills. I may have found the great guy too

Diane Cancro
Max Broock Realtors

I have been a Realtor and have been with Champion Realty, Inc. since they opened their doors.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this nine week class and it has been another growing experience. I feel so fortunate that we had you as our Trainer. You are a wonderful teacher / trainer and all of the information you have shared and taught us is very good, practical and skills that can be used right away in the field. The role playing in class was very helpful and you are a Master in all of these fields. The objection handling was another part of the class that was very helpful.

Thanks for keeping us on track through the nine weeks and for all your inspiration.

Karlton F. Morris, Jr.
Champion Realty

I am writing to offer my thoughts and thanks to Mark at Leaders Choice for bringing his professionalism, knowledge and energy to the Reece and Nichols company. As a managing broker for one of the company’s branches I am attending Mark’s classes for the second year. I attend each session not only to support the agents but because I learn something new every time. Yesterday I was reminded of and picked up new verbiage on over-coming objections. I immediately found my ‘Objections’ CD and I’ve been playing in my car since I left yesterday’s session. Every one of my agents that attended last year are having there best year ever and I expect the same from this years class.

Mark not only brings incredible detail and specifics for agents to use in every aspect of the business, he brings a tremendous ‘human side’ that connects with everyone. His sessions are just the right combination of the seriousness of building a career in real estate mixed with team building, humor and fun. As a manager and coach for my agents I am better prepared to lead them and help them grow due to my association with “North America’s Real Estate Trainer” and my friend Mark Leader.

I look forward to attending for years to come.

Gregg Davidson
Reece and Nichols Southgate

Let me begin by asking you a question:

Are you finding it difficult to focus and motivate yourself during these changing times in Real Estate?
The reason for asking is that is exactly where I was eight (8) weeks ago when I started the Leader’s Choice training and looking back the most frightening thing was I didn’t even realize it.

To date I’ve found so much of Mark’s teachings beneficial i.e. (listings are the way to the top, daily prospecting with my number “1” priority when I go to the office being to book my appointments, daily confirmation using the Leader’s Creed, along with the great scripts and processes). However, if I had to pick one thing that has helped the most it would be that I feel like I’ve regained my focus in all areas, personal and professionally.

It has been the motivating factor in becoming more dedicated to my career and achieving my goals than at anytime during my Real Estate career.

I recommend the Leader’s Choice Training with only one reservation: If you are not willing to totally commit, roll up your sleeves and go to work to improve yourself both personally and professionally, save your money!

Gary Orders
Champion Realty Inc.

I want to express my appreciation for how you have helped our organization through this changing market with your Leader’s Choice program. Your program was practical and down to earth but had the right touch of accountability that generated some real, tangible results. Listings, sales and affiliated transactions all had a significant increase over the participating agent’s prior pace of business. As important, they had fun and built some strong camaraderie that lasted beyond the program.

Thanks again for all your help.

Dan Elsea
Resident, Brokerage Services
Real Estate One, Inc.

I am a manager of a Champion office. I took this course because I wanted to be able to assist any of my agents who were taking the course, understand what their concerns were, and refresh me, too, because I also list and sell property in addition to my other duties.

I participated in assignments when the week allowed me to. I think it was a wonderful course for the following reasons:

It focused attention on the money-making aspects of this business – getting listings

It furnished great dialogue to use – especially for objections

CD’s, books, materials to refer to were invaluable, and

It gave me the opportunity to work with other Champion agents from other offices.

I definitely would recommend this class to other agents – especially new ones.

Nine weeks seemed like a long time, but it truly did “fly by.” My only criticism is that there are many real estate activities that take up an agent’s time that are not counted on the weekly scorecard for accountability. These “other” jobs (attending closings, office meetings, desk duty, walk-through, etc.) can require an enormous amount of time leaving little left to get credit for.

Although I did achieve some credits for new listings and other activities, I chose not to send in an accountability statement because I was away one week and wasn’t able to participate in everything. I did, however, enjoy the class and feel it was very beneficial.

Sherry Noren
Champion Realty

I feel that the Leader’s Choice program has benefited me and my business in many different aspects to become a well-rounded Realtor® with Century 21 Advantage and would highly recommend this program to any new or seasoned agent that is serious about making a mark with their career in real estate.

The Leader’s Choice program illustrates specific techniques, systems, dialogues and procedures on how a participant can gain the understanding and knowledge of becoming a professional real estate agent for years to come in an expeditious manner.

I whole-heartedly intend on using these acquired tools to increase my business and personally commend Ryan Reed, the instructor, on his quality teachings and personal experiences incorporated with our training program. He is an outstanding trainer and would recommend him as well.

Justin B. Morris
REALTOR® -Sales Executive Century 21 Advantage

First I would like to say that as a new Realtor this program has been very enlightening, I believe that I will forever be a better agent when I apply the practices that I have learned in this class.

I have only one listing as of this time and it is a difficult one, it is over priced, in need of major updating and the seller is quite difficult to deal with, he did inherit the property that his parents built in 1966, unfortunately for me this home has not had any improvements since it was first constructed in 1966!

I made several mistakes when I took this listing, first thing I did was I let the client set the commission rate to 5%, he stated that if I were to ask for any more than 5% he would just have his “friend” the lawyer take care of the paperwork and he would sell it himself, we had not yet had the class on commission objections so I let him set the rate, after taking the class I can tell you this will not happen again, I now feel I can explain to the seller why I need to get 7% on each listing, how Champion is a nationwide company with National Advertising, I will explain the Marketing Plan, I will explain that other agents will have more interest in showing the property and helping us get the property sold if they are offered 3.5% as opposed to 2.5% as well as the value that I bring to the table as an individual.

My second mistake was that I did not take enough time to truly evaluate the property, I did my CMA’s based on a conversation that I had with the client prior to going to the home, it was not until I had an Open House and spent time opening doors and windows (inside and outside) that I realized how much work was needed to get the property sold at the price the client is asking, I believe that in the future the sessions on Controlling the Pricing Presentation and pricing will be of great benefit, I have already been using the tactics of getting a Price Reduction with this client (unsuccessfully to date) and feel that he will either agree with me soon to reduce the price or he will be looking for a new agent as I can not keep throwing good money at a bad situation for both the client and myself.

I also believe that the information that I have received from the class on FSBO and Expired listings has enabled me to get 90% of the listing appointments that I have had, I do know that using the dialogs provided to me has been extremely helpful, I will continue to use them through out my career.

I would recommend this program to anyone who has been in the Real Estate business for any length of time (seasoned or newbie’s) seasoned professionals who want to find ways to be more successful in the future than they have been in the past, newbie’s who want to build a strong business from the beginning, if they follow the practices, techniques, tactics or what ever you wish to call the processes learned in the Leader’s Choice class there is no reason that you can not become one of the Top Realtors® in their market!!

I would also like to make one more statement, I truly feel that the support and encouragement that I have received while taking this course from Mark Leader and his staff has been unsurpassed in any training that I have taken in my work life, I was in telecommunications for 28 years (10 of that in Sales), in Automotive Sales for a couple of years, never have I felt that the trainers I worked with before were really interested in my success. Mark Leader and his team have shown me what all the other trainers that I have taken courses from were lacking, true commitment to their trade.

Thank You so much for what you have shared with me, I really appreciate you all!!!!

Judy Nelson
Champion Realty, Inc. Pasadena, MD

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for sharing all of your knowledge in the Leader’s Choice Seminar. I got so much out of it and can’t wait to watch my success and production continue to grow. Not only have you been informative and inspiring, but the pace of the class, your energy level, and humor made it even more enjoyable. I can confidently say I have mastered the presentation in obtaining the Exclusive Right To Represent Buyers Contract. This alone will increase my production dramatically. Thank you for offering this program and I sincerely encourage everyone to take this as well. Whether you are just starting out or have been around for years, your production will certainly increase by using the dialogues and techniques taught in Leader’s Choice! Thanks again.

Michelle Amato
Century 21 Anita Ferri Realty

The Leader’s Choice program was perfect timing and just what I needed at this time in the MARKET.

All of the tools and essentials has jumped start my business and given me that boost of energy & motivation to BE A CHAMPION!

Brian Schilling
Champion Realty

You shared your soul, spirit and zest for life! You made our time together a blast! You bombarded us with information, education, new techniques and good old-fashioned homework.

Now, rather saying “1 miss you” I wish to let you know I wear the armor of ‘Marilyn Schwartz’ to guide me through real estate transactions. Data from the class will backup my statements relative to the business and the tapes are tangible refreshers to revitalize the processes.

Thank you.

Jacqueline Harper
Century 21 Anita Ferri Realty

Since enrolling in the Mark Leader Course I have reinforced my commitment of being a professional and have generated more business by doing the simple things the course has taught. The course has reiterated time management to me. It has taught me that you take for granted and become too relaxed. There is business out there to get if you want it no matter what is going on in the world. I have learned things as a manager to pass onto my agents to keep them busy and productive. I would recommend this course to anyone, new or experienced in the field of real estate.

Patsy Whiteley, GRI Associate Broker/Manager
Champion Realty, Inc.

The Leader’s Choice Program directed by Marylyn Schwartz has been monumental! Not only does Marylyn have a valuable source of information; she keeps the class on track and makes it fun.

I found the CD’s helpful to reference regarding different techniques to use and when to use them. Also the techniques to use regarding Expired’s & FSBO’s and the other resources that were available for purchase are great tools.

Personally I found the Objection Handling Techniques to be the most useful as well as the visual presentations. What to say when to say it and how to say it and to expand beyond your comfort zone.

The program has kept me focused on my Real Estate Career path and my goals to get there. I would recommend the class to both experienced and new Real Estate Agents as there is a surmountable source of information provided to you to build your career.

Helen Chauvin
Century 21 Anita Ferri Realty

I would just like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the Mark Leader course from start to finish. This has been especially helpful as a new real estate agent. All of the processes for handling various situations have given me the confidence needed to move forward. You can see that Mark Leader is truly passionate about having each student participate and actually take something away from each session. I would personally recommend this course to anyone in real estate sales whether they are new or experienced agents. In this market that we are facing, it is great to learn something new or just refresh yourself on the basics of this industry. Knowledge is power!

Carmela Whitsett
Pasadena, MD Champion Realty Inc.

I have completed your 9 week course today but I did start out thinking I never thought I could. Why you ask would a course be hard to do if this is the business and career you have chosen. I have a license in Real estate since May/2004 not believing that I really was going to do RE. I left for another year thinking I made a mistake and went back to the Corporate a 9-5 job to make money until the following year, and in January ’05, I had reached a decision again that RE is what I really wanted to do. So I started back very excited with a goal of getting a brokers license. Well 6 months later and a lot of hard work, I did receive my Brokers License. After that I started making more excuses as to why this RE business was not for me and one of the biggest reasons was that I thought I was getting old and could never compete with younger women in the RE world.

The honest truth is that I took your course to prove to myself that I was not a quitter and I was going to give you a chance to save me or admit to myself that this business was not for me. I found out through your education and coaching that it wasn’t about you, but it was really all about me and what I can do for myself and how to achieve what I really wanted. This absolutely was not about getting old at all. Real estate is all about how you talk, what you say, and how you say it. I know I have all those qualities now, and I feel like a light bulb went on inside of me through everything you taught me in this 9 week course. Imagine that I really thought I was giving you a chance and all the while it was all on me. Through your education and coaching I just say it all better. I feel it when I go on a listing presentation because I feel 10 feet tall. I have the words and the answers, which I never had before. I say it more definitely and confidently. I just feel great and more educated to talk about real estate.

Just a short note, after session 2 of the class, I had gone on a listing presentation which my manager requested me to go on, as it was a very disgruntled seller that we had for 2 weeks and not very happy with our office, or the agent who took the listing. Normally I would have been very intimidated to do this, but I had just left your class earlier and had all your words inside of me and tried to memorize them before 5:30pm that day. I showed up as a marketing professional and proved to the seller that marketing is the way to sell her house and how we planned to market her house that I even surprised myself. Well I did get the listing and it stayed at our office. I think that was my turning point because I realized what had happened. Today which is our last class I am happy to say that the listing sold and contracts are being signed today. The seller has nothing but praise for me and Century 21 and tells me that our marketing plan has to be the best in the business, as she herself runs a marketing company.

Marilyn it was hard work and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and everything you have taught me will always stay with me, even at the age I am right now, I feel as though you have rounded and molded me and made me even more confident and more positive as a Real Estate Marketing Professional.

Sally “Serafina” Linker
Century 21 GRAND

As a relatively new agent, I felt there would be benefits in taking the Mark Leader Course to help strengthen my skills in listing and selling. I wanted to be able to better sell myself and Champion Realty.

The program has provided great dialogue in helping to overcome objections, approaching For Sale By Owners, and Owners of Expired Listings. Building inventory has become a high priority of mine, despite when I entered the class; my preference was being more a Buyer’s Agent. The CD’s were a great refresher throughout the week and helped to keep me on task.

I have found that the time that I devote to Real Estate as a full time agent, covers many more aspects, tasks, and challenges for which I can not report as credit. i.e.: open houses, home inspections, local Chamber Meetings & Functions, Local Board Meetings & Functions, continuing ed., final walk through inspections, office caravans in previewing new listings, duty time. Reporting and statistics could conceivably be a downer for many.

Overall the class was very good and worth the time and money invested.

Susan Chambers
Champion Realty

Quite truthfully, this course was more than I had anticipated. I did not expect to cover so many different topics. As a fairly new agent, I really appreciated the role play, the techniques and the presentation process. I now have a better understanding as to how to approach buyers, sellers, FSBO’s, and expireds.

Marilyn’s knowledge of the course material was impeccable. Her wit was genuine and quick. She was able to keep the sessions interesting by throwing in a dose of humor.

I would recommend this course to all agents, new and seasoned because the course content, if applied will generate and increase sales.

Shirley Felder
Century 21 Anita Ferri Realty

The Leader’s Choice Career Development Series has been extremely beneficial. I find that I am conducting my business in a more streamlined and focused fashion. The program has refocused my energies on the activities that are most profitable – obtaining listings. I feel equipped to handle any objections a prospective client may have. The course has provided me with the process, dialogue and tracking system to be successful.

I would highly recommend the course to all agents, new and experienced.

Tina Cadden Jenkins
Champion Realty

First of all, I just wanted to say you are a great teacher. I truly learned a lot from you and the Leader’s Choice Program.

This program has taught me the correct dialogue to use while talking with FSBO’s and Expireds. Also, the objection handling technique is wonderful. If I didn’t take this class, I would never have known how to handle all the objections the sellers come up with. The tools, including the CD’s are a great asset. Thank you for jump starting my career ahead two years!

I enjoyed this class very much and I would highly recommend it to others, as I have already. It was an honor and a pleasure meeting you and being under your guidance and great knowledge for nine weeks. You always made the classes fun, entertaining and very interesting. Each week I looked forward to going to your class and I’m sorry it has to come to an end. But I take with me a great knowledge and respect for this business. There really is a lot to know in order to be a great salesperson.

I feel much confident after taking this course and am happy that I am on my way to overcoming my fears. Thank you for all of your help!

Doreen M. Spano
Century 21 Anita Ferri Realty

This program contains information that we think we learned previously but is presented in a way that gives you “aha!” moments. It’s relearning everything we thought we knew in a different & much more productive way. It’s intense and candid, frustrating and motivating. It provides a backbone to the business of real estate. A timesaving tool box for our business, all in all, time well spent. No matter where you are in your career, this program will give you everything you need to succeed.

If you want to see where you CAN go- take this class.

Susan Harris
Champion Realty

The experience with Leader’s Choice has been challenging, funny and something I shall not forget.

Your class has taught me to be much more organized and focused. Also, I know now what a real team player can accomplish. My team was great and the entire process of working together as a group was great. It was great when we won both trophies last week.

I would recommend Leader’s Choice to my office. They need to be ready to work and take on new challenges. The most important thing is to always be open to new ways of thinking and doing. We, as professionals, work very hard and we need all of your best kept secrets to help move forward and be the Most Successful Real Estate Person we can be.

Thanks for your time and effort.

Karen Thompson
Century 21 Country Bumpkin Fishkill, Inc.

I want to say the money that I spent on the “Leader’s Choice” program has been the best investment that I have ever made. I have walked away from each session saying “WOW” especially session 6.

As our leader you made the hours seem like minutes because you kept us interested due to your knowledge and encouragement that you continue to give each of us.

Mark I would like for you to know how much I appreciate the way you pushed us out of our comfort zone but in the same manner let us know that it is okay to not be perfect but to just keep trying. I also would like to say thank you to your family for allowing you to travel and devote your time to total strangers to help us succeed in our businesses as well!

Debra Nelson
Champion Realty

We really appreciate everything you’ve done. We see you as a valued member of our company’s Management Team. We could not sustain our growth or success without your direct involvement and your wonderful program. Look forward to growing our relationship, in the future. All the best

Ron Stader
CIR Realtors

Thank you for your program and your enthusiastic leadership. I have not been your best student and have been dragged kicking and screaming to a level beyond what I thought capable.

I most appreciated the many points of information on all topics Real Estate and the practice we had on dialogues.

I will be using your program materials for years.

Colleen Minahan
Champion Realty

Just want you to know that I really enjoyed your class. I learned a lot and continue to do so. The leader choice class I took was one of the best investment I would every made for myself and my family. I needed it at the time of my life; I was at a crosswalk. Thanks also for telling me about “The Secret” it really works. I am overwhelmed with excitement for my future.

Marilyn Atkinson
Solid Source Realty

Leader’s Choice is a wonderful program and Mark Leader is the best. The course provided me the tools to become a top producer. Listings are the way to the top.

This course has taught me the steps to successfully meet with the seller and walk away with the listing.

For anyone who wants to advance in their career I highly recommend this course. You will get so much from it.

Diane Adkins
CBSHOME Real Estate

I just wanted you to know what we think of Mike Collard. I graduated from the Leaders Choice class he gave in the winter of 2005/06. My personal production was great during the course and I was sold on the Mark Leader course right away and Mike Collard’s unique teaching style and sense of humor.

This year my Broker was trying to get agents to sign up for the class almost daily. He is sold on the Mark Leader course also. Several of the agents came to me and asked if the course was worth the money and if I really learned anything. I told them that without Mike’s influence and the material I learned in the course I would have been out of the Real Estate business 6 months ago.

You should also know that 5 of the top 10 agents in our office are Leader’s Choice graduates and the number 1 agent in our office is attending the course this year for the first time. Kelly Hayes, Myself, and Rhonda Cox graduated last year and placed 8,9, and 10 in the top ten this year.

I am very thankful for the Leader’s Choice program and the impact it has had on my business and my attitude toward work and family. I believe in the value of the program. The way the presentations and objection handling techniques are taught so you can get more business and the way time management and finances are taught so you can have a life make the program the best and most comprehensive that I know of. The fact that we have Mike Collard is just icing on the cake.

Kelvin Smith
Remax Realty Group

I have been in the Real Estate business for 9 years. I have often thought of getting out of the business due to some low production years however, I have always enjoyed the nature of the work.. In my previous position as Production Claims Manager at Blue Cross & Blue Shield, I had my share of headaches but I always felt somewhat stifled and never felt able to project any creativity. NOT SO with Real Estate as Mark so many times indicated it is what we make it. “If it is to be it’s up to me”.

Getting listings has always been my biggest fear in Real Estate. It seems that my listing presentations were unorganized and I always focused too much time on the price. The Mark Leader program has given me the confidence not to fear listings. His lectures regarding how real estate agents are in the business to handle people problems made me realize that it wasn’t just me. Handling problems was just part of the business.

In addition to gaining confidence I’ve learned how I can take my business to a new level by actively obtaining at least one listing per week. In addition, I’ve been taught how to obtain those listings, how to handle most objections and how to re-focus my business( advertising, etc.)

I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge, confidence and direction in this course.

Marlyn Wilke
CBSHOME Real Estate

We have enjoyed working you over these past few years. Your 9 week spaced-training program has proven to be of great benefit to our attending Realtors. I have received many positive comments about your ability to communicate the information you present. I also hear how genuinely interested and caring you are about all your students.

Our company has received great value from our relationship. You have made it possible for many Realtors to learn the skills and develop the confidence they need to succeed in our competitive industry. I enjoy working with you. When you say you will do something – you mean it and you follow through.

We have seen positive recruiting results because of your training and mentoring. Realtors from other companies want to know why many of our Realtors are so productive and up-beat. They find out we are a company that truly cares for its people. We do things like make it easy to attend your program. We go so far as to offer a deferred payment plan for your program fee. Our company pays the cost of your program – up front, and then collects the fee back from our Realtors over an extended time frame. We see this as a complete win situation for everyone involved.

Thanks for everything Dwayne. I look forward to continuing to work with you and I expect we will form an even stronger relationship.

Ron Stader
CIR Realtors

I signed up for Mark’s course because he motivated me from the start. He came and spoke to our company at a sales meeting. I knew right then and there that either I would make the decision to be a top salesperson or leave the business all together!

I have been an agent for five years. My first two years were my poverty level years not even twenty-thousand a year. Third and fourth years were okay. I was tired of being at the okay level.

Mark makes you accountable for your business and if you’re not willing to do that then by all means go and find a 9-5 job that pays you a decent salary and stop torturing yourself.

He has pointed out so many times that the income is infinite you control how much you want to make. Not many people can say that about their careers.

Mark has a way of getting you excited again. He shows you how to keep your momentum and to stay positive.

I have more listings than I’ve ever had before even in my best year as a real estate agent. I hated listings but they are what will skyrocket you to the top!

This course will give you confidence to take those listings when you want them and it will teach you how to work smarter.

I am grateful to Mark for showing me the way to the top and I plan to be there for many years to come until I decide not to be.

Robin Correll
CBSHOME Real Estate

Representing the top four percent of all Coldwell Banker Sales Associates worldwide, “The Beach Team”(Laura Curson & Claudia Gaguine) is the perfect example of success. Their passion and persistence has earned them a spot in the 2004 International President Elite Club. Even better, they have DOUBLED their income every year since taking the Leader’s Choice program.

Laura Curson and Claudia Gaguine have worked hard to get where they are. 2002 marked the beginning of the pair’s record-breaking real estate sales career targeting the Miami-Dade Condo Market. They credit both teaming up, and taking the Leader’s Choice program, with skyrocketing their careers.

Still considered a “rookie”, Sherri Glisson has been in the real estate business for 3 years and is already a top producing agent. Sherri has taken the Leader’s Choice program twice.

In her first year of business, she closed $989,000 in sales. After the Leader’s Choice program that number shot up to $3 million in her second year, and $6 million so far this year. Sherri was the top lister in June and the top seller in July out of over 70 agents in her office. Leader’s Choice helped her build her listing inventory from an average of 6 listings a year to an average of 3-4 listings at a time.

Each time Sherri participated in the Leader’s Choice program, she came away with something different.

How did the Leader’s Choice program help your career?
I’ve been in real estate nearly six years, most recently with Coldwell Banker in Coconut Grove. I took the Leader’s Choice program 2 ½ years ago.

It brought structure and motivation my career. At first, my career was the same as most Realtors – I was completing an average number of transactions and working with average properties. After taking the Leader’s Choice program, I am still working with the same volume of transactions; however, I am working with higher-end properties. I am working smarter and making more money.

I enjoyed the class sooo much and wanted to pass this on.. Tell Mark he does not have to worry about ever losing it even though he has been out, he came back with a blast. He does not have to worry about his leadership and salesman ability. Mark is definitely a natural born salesperson.

Mark and Chris was great until the end of the classes. Mark’s brother did not miss a beat in his own style but same results (great results).

We send many many thanks and prayers to them both and still praying for Mark’s recovery..



Gayle Cowan Burton
Crye-Leike Realtors

I took Leader’s Choice last year in Jacksonville, and learned a lot, but I was still so new that there were many things I really wasn’t able to apply yet.

When you made the generous offer for “alumni” to return and retake it this year, I jumped at the opportunity. I was able to listen with a more confident ear, and to really internalize the material. I found the confidence I had been missing to apply your process. You see, Mark, I’ve been in the corporate world all my life, in computer science, so this sales thing is alien and completely unnatural to me, so it has taken me a little longer to really figure it all out.

I was one of those people who went to listing appointments as prepared as someone who was “winging” it could be, and I prayed and hoped as hard as I could. I didn’t do too badly, but I always knew I wasn’t going to make it like that.

Long story short: I did my first presentation yesterday using your entire process, beginning to end, and I did it on my laptop using the presentation Mr. Watson has provided. On the phone, they told me they were interviewing three Realtors, so I arranged it so I could be first. I dropped off my pre-listing presentation and my personal marketing plan the day before.

Well, they were so wowed by the whole thing that they told me they didn’t know how anyone could do a better presentation than I had just done, but their attorney friend told them to interview three, so they were going to stick to that. I couldn’t get them both to sign right then, but the husband said he was leaving town and going to be gone for a week, so I suggested, since I had already filled out the contract ahead of time and gone over it with them, that he sign now and his wife could sign later after the other interviews. I used about a hundred soft closes on them, and had them talking about when they sign with me.

I used two of your commission objection-handling techniques, the 7 dollar bill one and the one that shows there is nothing left for marketing when you hire the discounters, and how the discounters often cut the selling side commission, which causes Realtors to sell the 3% properties. I used those same dollar bills to illustrate that one as well.

Well, they never made one more peep about commission!

And Mark, I got the listing! It’s (almost) ocean-front, $350,000 condo at 6.5%, and I’m just thrilled!
I absorbed every bit of information you gave, I listened and internalized every word you spoke, and I blew the competition out of the water!

It took a year to get up the courage to actually use it, but when I did, it really worked! I looked like a pro, and I could see their trust and confidence in me growing as we went. There was no question I couldn’t answer, no objection I couldn’t handle.

But it was all you! You gave me the words, the process and the confidence. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your incredible insights.

You have truly changed my life.

Connie Laudel, Realtor
Watson Realty Corp.

I just want to take a moment of my time to commend your program. I attended your course “Leaders’ Choice” last summer in Tampa, Florida. I had only been in real estate for about 5 months when I began my journey with you. I needed to gain confidence in myself. Your course provided me with the necessary tools to go forward in my career. Last month I was the top listing agent in my Coldwell Banker office with 46 agents.

I fined tuned your listing presentation to fit my “style” and it worked. I can hear you speaking and the exact words that came from your mouth I find myself using very often. I am not quite as “pressured” as you suggested, but it works for me. I listed 12 homes in the last 3 months and have closed or have contract pending on all but 2 of these. I have become quite the negotiator…

Deborah Tindall
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

I would recommend the Mark Leader course to anyone in the real estate or sales industry as it is a motivator for you to get off your butt and work. It teaches you the dialogue to use on “For Sale By Owner” and Expirees. It also teaches you how to prospect and cold call potential new clients and the dialogue you need to conquer that phase of prospecting. It is a very informative and competitive class. You always want to beat the other teams and your co-workers so it makes it both competitive and fun at the same time. Overall, the cost of the course was well spent and helped me exceed my expectations.

Randy Standel
Liberty Realty

This program has helped me get back on track with all my marketing techniques. It makes me realize that you to have to have systems in place to be successful. I would recommend it to others for all the basics that you need in this business. It was very informative and rewarding for me.

Cindy J. Ross
Liberty Realty

As a new salesman (I mean my license is dated the same day the program started), I truly came to this class ignorant as to what it takes to become successful in the real estate business. The first few weeks I listened to what Mark was saying, it all made sense, but I still didn’t have anything to apply it to. With blind faith I did what Mark told me to do – get into the office early and call until you make an appointment. In less than eight weeks I have nine listings and have sold four properties. (I even received a commission check). The phone is ringing and my week is full of appointments. I have no past experiences to compare to but I know I am having FUN. It doesn’t take a genius to do the math… I am a LEADING SALESPERSON.

Mark takes the difficult and makes it simple. He turns objections into common sense. With these tools he has given me confidence – the best tool in my brief case. I believe everyone (new realtors as well as seasoned veterans) should take the MARK LEADER COURSES. Mark’s simple back to the basics approach to building inventory will generate more income for all of us. Without question this course will confirm that you are a leading salesperson by which you make the industry more respected by our customers and our piers. The last eight weeks have gone by too fast. In this time Mark has become my teacher, my mentor, and my friend. I thank you for all you have given. I do believe what you give in life will come back to you ten fold.

John Klundert
RE/MAX, Windsor, Ontario

It is really a pleasure to write you and say Thank You! You have encouraged me to pursue my dreams and goals. You were wonderful! I know I had lots of challenges along the way. Each week you make me keep smiling and a positive outlook at all times that made me feel so much at ease so that I could get the job done. I have learned that there is no wrong time to buy or sell real estate. One reason: “They aren’t making it anymore.” So sell, sell, make money! I always felt that my success was your first priority. My goal for the next year is to build a business and hit a few goals I never attained previously. In December I was the Top Salesperson for Deerbrook Realty Inc., which is oh so hard because we have such high producers. I was so happy! You helped me “Just do it”. I know you made a commitment to me and you made an all out effort to see that I hit my goals and I cannot thank you enough. You have always displayed the highest level of professionalism and I could count on you for what you said you would teach us. You make the real estate game seem so easy with your process…it’s as smooth and easy as possible. Just one day at a time. One deal at a time. I wish you success in all of your future endeavors and I am hopeful that one day I may again have the pleasure of taking your course. You stand the tallest among them all. You are the TOP and the BEST TRAINER.

Margaret Jessop
Deerbrook Realty Inc., Leamington, Ontario

I would like to tell whoever may be considering enrolling in the “Mark Leader Course” that under no uncertain terms, I would highly recommend it. I have been a real estate salesperson for 2 years now and until I enrolled in this course, I used to downplay my qualifications by saying “I’m still a rookie, but I will do my best to serve my clients the best way I know how.” Now I believe I can honestly say, “As a leading Salesperson, my client’s best interests are always foremost in my mind, and, I am worth every $ of commission that I earn because if you don’t hire me, you will have to settle for the second best because you wont have ME looking after your real estate needs.” I have also learned that that to be a “Top Producer” my main goal is to build inventory. During my time as a student in the “Mark Leader Course” I acquired 8 listings, 3 of which sold before the course was over, so that showed me how important it is to get saleable listings and settle for over priced ones. I believe that if I had not been in the course at the time, I probably would not have achieved results in the nine week time span. The desire to complete assignments and the motivation that is taught to the students definitely made a difference in my everyday commitment to being at my desk to prospect and get the three listing appointments each week.

Frank Plett
Gold Key Realty, Steinbach, Manitoba

How has the Mark Leader Course helped me?

Hi, my name is Susan McVey, I became a realtor in September 2002. One month later in October 2002, I attended a 3-hour seminar of free CE credits from a fellow named Mark Leader. My initial thoughts were “this guy is wanting everyone to sign up for the big seminar – HA, I got one on him – I’ll get free credits and forget that 9 week seminar – Who has the time? However, after listening to the real life stories of others (now like me), and to Mark Leader’s own testimony, I realize I did not have the money in my pocket to afford the seminar, but I could not afford not to sign up. Besides, if I could make just half of what Mark’s students averaged in sales, the hundreds of dollars would be peanuts.

The knowledge I learned through the Mark Leader Course was priceless. Not only did I build relationships with new friends, I actually looked forward to attending class.

Things I learned from Mark Leader:
How to get that listing!!!! Since Mark’s course, I have never lost a listing interview – so far I have a 100% listing rate. If I want it – it is mine!!!!


Thank God, the day I organized, (purchased shelving, cabinets, cleaned the desk daily) life got easier!

Dress like a million bucks!!!
It does make a difference. Just because everyone else shows up in jeans doesn’t mean you should. Remember, stand out, be different, look professional. (I had a customer who said she looked at my nails, my jewelry, and my wardrobe, and knew I cared for myself and I would take care of business.)
I have learned so much more from Leaders Choice – it will take me years to apply everything.

Since graduating from Leaders Choice, I have blown away every goal I made for myself and it is only October!!!!

  • 18 of my listings sold. (This does not count what I have sold.)
  • By the end of this month, I will have earned over $100,000 in commissions(in a market which the average house sale in $107,000).
  • I am on target to be the rookie of the year in the northeast Georgia Board of Realtors MLS.
  • I have obtained Million Dollar Club status, selling over $1,000,000 of real estate this year (and should meet multi-million dollar status by year’s end).
  • I have more listings than any other agent in our 12-agent office.

Self-rewards I have received through having this job:

  • I paid for my husband and me to go to Las Vegas in March to the RE/MAX convention.
  • I bought myself an SUV (1st vehicle I have ever purchased on my own).
  • I purchased my husband a palm pilot phone, $500, for no reason at all.
  • I paid off all my credit cards (a grand total of 6!!!)
  • I paid $4000 cash for “behind the teeth” braces to correct a bite problem.
  • I paid back my husband for the $10,000 in my start up cost. (He never thought he would see that money.)
  • Since Vegas we have gone to Myrtle Beach, SC, Gatlinburg, TN, (twice), Asheville, NC to the Grove Park Inn (where I bought myself a $300 massage!) and we will be going to New Mexico in November.

Every day I thank God for the blessings I have received and for the day I became a realtor. Mark Leader taught me more about real estate than real estate school ever could! He teaches how to be a successful realtor in terms we can all understand. I do not boast of achievements or financial success – I tell you this because my results are a direct outcome from Leaders Choice. As I read over my 1st year achievements it brings me to tears. I never saw the day I could afford “the extras” in life. I always thought I would be in debt and rely solely on my husband.

Thank you Mark Leader for sharing your knowledge with thousands of realtors around the world. You and your course changed the path of my life. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been a realtor. It’s your attitude, drive, and confidence that will take you beyond measure. Mark Leader literally gives you “word by word” scripts that work!

Trust me – I did not have $20 in my wallet the day I signed up for the course; however, I took a leap of faith. If you want to be successful, too – sign up for Leaders Choice today!

Susan McVey

Thank you for teaching me what I should have been taught in real estate school. The Leaders Choice program has helped me focus on the key activities that will guarantee my success in real estate, and most especially, it helped me build the confidence I need in prospecting.

The Leaders Choice program, in essence, is “Real Estate 101” and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to be ahead of the competition. Again, thank you for a very interesting nine weeks.

Frederick Umeh
Stoughton MA

This is just a short note to let you know some feedback on the Leaders Choice program.
I felt that the program offered a wealth of information for both new and old agents alike. I feel that a course like this is useful to take, over and over. This program keeps you on track and pushes you to extend your potential. I look forward to attend this course again to smooth out and perfect my craft.

Thank you for all your help.

Richard Kaplan
Stoughton MA

The Leaders Choice program has given me the tools to go as far as I choose to go in my real estate career. I am greatly looking forward to building my business now that I know how to do so successfully.

I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to take control of their business. It is, simply put, a SLAM DUNK.

Jim Finn

Thank God, I decided to become a student in Mark Leader’s powerful training program, Leaders Choice. Thirty-three years ago, I became a licensed Real Estate Broker. Shortly after, I married my husband and started a family. I kept renewing my license and never actively entered the field. Three months ago, at 55 years old, I decided to start working full time in the real estate profession. Not knowing where to begin, Mark Leaders course was highly recommended to me by another broker.

I’ve completed the course and can honestly say I have the confidence to go forward. The proven techniques, dialogue, systems and procedures are priceless. My trainer, Marylyn Schwartz, is absolutely incredible in her knowledge, encouragement, and surely is a Real Estate Pro.

Mark Leader, thank you for sharing your experience, encouragement, and successful tools I need to become a top-producing Real Estate Broker.

Theresa Haggerty-Johal
Stoughton MA

Mark, I am so happy I took your training course. As you may recall, I am an Attorney who just became licensed. You were so encouraging to all of us each week. I looked forward to your positive reinforcement each session. Thank you so much for everything you have done to get my career started in Real Estate.

Cindy Fink
Cindy Shanklin
Realty Texas

The training I took part in opened my eyes to the many missed opportunities or sales I have left on the table over the years. Mark Leader teaches everything from managing time effectively to acquiring and selling more listings than you ever dreamed possible. Mark has covered the bases from managing a schedule, sales techniques, objection handling to generating and selling listing and so much more.

You certainly don’t have to ask me if I recommend taking this course. The answer is simple. If you want to grow and make more money than you dreamed possible, then make a commitment to yourself and take this training. Success is a choice. Choose success.


Lynna Langley


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