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Hi, I’m Mark Leader

For a decade, Mark, without a team or assistant, personally listed over 1,000 homes and averaged 93 home sales annually. His dedication led to an agency recognized as one of Canada’s top-producing and highest-retention organizations. 

Mark is a 4X Hall of Famer, and among North America’s leading Real Estate Trainers, uniquely transparent about his methods and unwavering in his commitment to guaranteed results.

About Mark Leader

Learn from Mark Leader, a top-producing real estate agent in the industry 30+ years in real estate

The Only Choice is:
The Leader's Choice Next Gen program

The Leader’s Choice Next Gen program is the core of Mark’s training. It is considered North America’s top real estate training program and is the only one that offers a 250% productivity increase guarantee. The program was created based on Mark’s experience and is regularly updated to remain the premier training for real estate agents.

Do you want to scale up your business

Want to scale up your real estate business? We’ve helped tens of thousands of agents increase their business.

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means your success

Participate and be thrilled with your results – or your money back!

We’re So Confident In Our Results, We Show You The Actual Results from Real Companies and We Name Names!

We spend over 50% of our waking life at work. Devoting that amount of time to a career that brings you challenge, growth and fulfillment is critical to your life happiness quotient. It is possible to live your career dream…I did it and so can you.

500 +

Coaching Clients

$ 485,000

Average GCC

110 +

Average sales/year

2300 +

Speaking Engagements


Strategy is the key

Mark Leader has a reputation for teaching effective strategies that have helped many real estate professionals achieve success. By learning from his expertise, you can gain valuable insights into successful sales techniques, marketing strategies, and business development approaches that can give you a competitive edge in the industry.

Mark isn’t content to just help Agents produce more. When Mark is on stage or updating a training course or creating a new product, the WHY behind everything he does is to change lives. It’s common for the phone to ring in Mark’s office with an excited Agent on the other end.

“Mark, I just had to call. With that advice you gave me, I was able to get 3 listing appointments in a ½ hour!”

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Training & Retention
Real Estate Coaching
Real Estate Training

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23 Years as a national speaker and trainer | trained 91% of the top real estate companies


What people say about Mark Leader
and his training and coaching

Mark has a unique ability to interact and go down on the floor. He makes the agents feel important and they really come to life. He doesn’t lecture, he builds rapport.

Phil Clodgo

Mark has a unique ability to interact and go down on the floor. He makes the agents feel important and they really come to life. He doesn’t lecture, he builds rapport.

Sharon Posius

Mark inspires others to achieve and exceed their goals and ambitions. I would recommend his Leaders Choice Programs to any Brokerage for making a difference in Associates careers.

Chip Gardner


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